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June 10, 2011  | by: Anupriya Dutta

Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs

Sofia Coppola’s friendship with Louis Vuitton’s Marc Jacobs is already quite well-known.  Coppola also presented Marc Jacobs’ lifetime achievement award at the CFDA recently.  But now, Sofia Coppola will move from being Jacob’s muse and supporter to a full-time contributor for the house.

Coppola’s past contribution to the house include becoming the face for a fragrance in 2002 and a credit as a collaborator on the SC Louis Vuitton bag collection which was born in 2008. Now, during the time for their resort this year, Coppola offered some suggestions that made the brand realize that she had a good eye.  So, De Libran (Louis Vuitton’s studio design director) officially asked Coppola to “be our muse, our inspiration for the cruise collection.” She will now assist them in their Pre-Fall Collection too.]

Coppola doesn’t want to open her own fashion label and wants to stick to directing for a while. “I don’t have the patience and the years you would need to really study and learn about all of this. It’s like doing a film when I work with experts in each field…they all have the knowledge about that and then I can just say what I have in mind,” Coppola told

Sofia’s most recent film was Somewhere (2010), which was filmed in the Chateau Marmot.

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