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October 01, 2011  | by: Nicole Klock

Snooki After Weight Loss

Usually when people hear the word Snooki, they think of an ultra-tanned, super short, chunky girl. However, it’s time to hold the fried-pickles and swap in chunky for slimmed down because Snooki has lost some serious weight.

The “Jersey Shore” star dropped a whopping 17lbs for the new season of her hit MTV show. How did she do it? She credits the use of Zantrex- 3 Fat Burner, a diet pill that helps in losing body fat through a process called lipolysis. It helps releases fat from mature cells, and its obviously doing its job quite well! She also said she is reducing her alcohol and food consumption.

Snooki is now the spokeswomen for Zantrex and claims it energizes her, enough so that she actually wanted to work out! Luckily she is endorsing a product that only has herbs such as green tea, guarana, yerba mate, and caffeine, as many diet pills are extremely unhealthy. Though, it has also not been tested by the FDA.

Before Weight Loss

I think Snooki losing weight brings a positive light to “Jersey Shore” and the fact that she reduced her limit of cocktails and liquor will mean less drama for the show. However, diet pills are dangerous and no one should take them unless they go to a trusted doctor first. Many people have severe health problems such as heart attacks or strokes. Just remember old fashioned exercising and eating healthy works just as well!

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