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April 06, 2011  | by: Kerri O'Malley

The Lonely Island's New Album Cover

The boys that brought funny back to the dwindling Saturday Night Live are prepping their latest album, Turtleneck & Chains. The new Lonely Island record follows the trio’s incredib(ad)ly successful breakout release, featuring such instant classics as “I’m on a Boat,” “Jizz in My Pants,” “Lazy Sunday,” “Like a Boss,” “Boombox,” and “Dick in a Box.”  But can the funny boys top the naked hilarity of their last effort?

They’re sure trying with a full list of high-profile collaborations in tow.  And they might just do it.  After all, they just had sex.

The Lonely Island's Explosive Collaboration with Akon

The Lonely Island, comprised of the pretty Andy Samberg and his pals/SNL writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, released their first major video off of Turtleneck & Chains, “I Just Had Sex,” last December.  The video features Akon singing the memorable (and disturbingly catchy) line: “A woman let me put my penis inside her” and guest spots by the less-than-amused Blake Lively and ponytail-tossing Jessica Alba.

But that’s not the only hot collaboration the new Lonely Island CD promises.

Rihanna helps The Lonely Island out with “Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde,” working her way through a misguided bank robbery.  And in case you forgot about the most hilarious Mother’s Day single ever released, Justin Timberlake’s second collaboration with The Lonely Island, “Motherlover,” will be on the new album too.

But my favorite track off the new record so far is The Lonely Island’s collaboration with Nicki Minaj, “The Creep.”  With a guest spot by John Waters and an accompanying dance (plus Nicki’s characteristicly track-stealing verse), “The Creep” is pure Lonely Island gold.

Pitchfork also reports that The Lonely Island has more “surprise guests” up their sleeve.  Incredibad featured collaborations with such diverse artists as T-Pain, The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, Jack Black, Norah Jones, Justin Timberlake, and Natalie Portman.  I’m sure the “surprise” appearances will live up to this high expectation.  They’re already above the bar with big names like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj!  With The Lonely Island’s unstoppably hilarious videos and laid-back demeanor, stars are lining up to just guest spot in the videos at this point.  As The New York Times concludes, The Lonely Island are leading a comic revolution, and the music industry is feeling the waves.  These guys aren’t just creating joke rap.  They’re making “novelty songs you can laugh at and also bob your head to.”  Their collaborations are a big part of that sound.

But the boys are still rocking on their own.  Samberg & crew rang April in with yet another (dick-obsessed) track off of Turtleneck and Chains: “We’re Back.”  Check it out below:

For a full track listing off the upcoming album (minus yet-to-be-announced collaborations), check out The Lonely Island’s websiteTurtleneck & Chains will be released on May 10th.

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