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July 02, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@Camila3ugenia)

Twitter (@Camila3ugenia)


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret – all I really want in life is to be Sky Ferreira. Obscenely expensive journalism degree be damned! What is a life trifling behind the keyboard of an overheating macbook trying to find yet another synonym for “said” to that of a darkly dreamy pop star on the rise? But we can’t all be phenomenons, some of us must be the tireless media who get the lucky chance to write about them instead, and who also know that a great synonym for phenomenon is ripsnorter. Since my skills at Scrabble far outweigh any musical talent, I’ll let Sky be the pop star, and I’ll present you with a list of 15 reasons why Sky  should be your new obsession.

1) Her actual name is Sky. Just thought I’d get that easy one out of the way first. Also, it serves as a nice introduction. Internet readers, meet Sky.

2) Sky was casually family friends with Michael Jackson growing up. Speaking to radio program Newsbeat about him, she said, “When I was born, I was raised around him, I always saw him. I had holidays with him and stuff like that.”

3) She told Cambio that her ultimate fashion icon is Suri Cruise. Sky’s reasoning? “I love school girl uniforms.”

4) She is the definition of a triple threat as a singer, actress and model. You might recognize her as the current face of Forever 21.

5) You also might recognize her as the blondie looking hella bored with some bubblegum in Vampire Weekend’s music video for “Diane Young.”

6) Sky has a personal theory that Amanda Bynes isn’t crazy at all, but is actually the best actress alive and the joke is on us. There’s something to be said for optimism.

7) Sky is a huge fan of Paris Hilton. Not really sure if this is a Lena-Dunham-ironic admiration or the real deal. Either way, there’s so very few Paris Hilton fans left in the world, Sky’s giving them good face.

8) Check her rocking out as part of the new Myspace campaign.

9) Sky’s description for her Twitter and Myspace pages is “like, whatever.” And her cover photo on Facebook is a Lindsay Lohan tweet about Prince Harry. This girl gets social media.

10) Speaking of likes and whatevers, Sky is pretty much the blonde version of Kristen Stewart in interviews. Some may find this incredibly annoying, but i’ll work those synonyms of mine and instead dub it selectively endearing.

11) But just so you don’t think she’s totally antagonistic when it comes to cameras, here is her (lovely and ethereal) music video for “Sad Dream.”

12) To that effect, Sky has made the executive decision to produce a music video for every song on her new album, “I Will” which will be released later this summer.

13) Sky is super casual BFF’s with Terry Richardson and serves as his muse and model more often than I’d like to discuss.

14) Sky’s a nerd at heart, never failing to promote her love for the “Lord Of The Rings” franchise. She even had a countdown to “The Hobbit” on her Twitter.

15) Sky keeps her own Tumblr for fans who’d like an inside peek at her crazy hazy mind.

Have I convinced you yet? All one really needs to do is listen to her music to know that Sky is a force to be reckoned with, but with all these reasons tied in, I’m not really sure why other celebrities even try to compete for our affections.

Are you a fan of Sky Ferreira?

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