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July 02, 2012  | by: Angel Mills


Unlike many musicians who begin performing during childhood, singer/songwriter SiloamPool did not discover her talents until she was an adult. She and her band released their debut album Colors of Black and White in 2002, and have been performing throughout the Detroit area ever since. A former model, SiloamPool traveled the country extensively. During this time, she had the opportunity to sit it on singer, Fred Hammond’s rehearsal, which eventually led to her going on tour with him. This experience inspired SiloamPool to pursue her dream and record her first album!

SiloamPool’s music has been described as a combination of Sade and Santana. The band’s smooth and southing sound has attracted fans across racial and geographical boundaries. With an unmistakably authentic stage presence, SiloamPool and her band follow no trends and are becoming trailblazers in the music industry.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with the busy artist and find out what she is planning next.

SiloamPool is such an interesting name. Can you tell me how you chose it for your stage name?

My name chose me. I was sitting in church service one Sunday. We were studying John Chapter 9: Verses 6 and 7. As our pastor was reading verse 7 the Lord spoke in my ear and said that’s your name. My reaction was huh? Siloam what kind of name is Siloam? It took a few weeks for it to grow on me, as it became clear why he [God] chose SiloamPool for me and the band.

SiloamPool with her band

I’ve wanted to sing since I was a little girl but being extremely shy, well let’s say, delayed my beginnings. I didn’t start singing until I went to college. I always hoped to have music as my career. It’s a tough nut to crack. I walked away from it a few times and missed it. Then I spent a year recording and touring with Fred Hammond & RFC; that was a major turning point in my life. I haven’t looked back since. I love making music; it’s the smile in my breath.

How long have you been performing with your band?

SiloamPool’s been together since 2002.

Music seems to be changing more and more each day. As a Jazz singer, how has this impacted your musical sound?

Music evolves as people and culture evolves. What’s trending and being marketed today is a segmented reflection of our culture. I’ve never been a trendy person.

I love many music styles of music; Soul, Cool Pop, Jazz is so alive, creative, so expressive musically and emotionally. For me Miles Davis is as relevant today as when he was on the scene. Music that is cool, funky, artistic and relevant yet timeless, is the kind of music I love listening to and making.

How have you seen the genre of Jazz music transform?

Jazz has morphed to have its own subcultures: Bebop, Jazz Fusion, Smooth Jazz, Nu Jazz and the like. Which I think is great because it draws those who want live music from other genres that have gotten away from producing music with live instruments. There’s something in these Jazz styles for every genuine music lover.


You are currently ranked #14 on’s Detroit Jazz Chart. How do you feel your music connects with Detroiters?  

We’ve been blessed to really be embraced by our Detroit family but, our reach has far exceeded the United States.  This has been a dream come true in the fact that our music connects us with people from every diversity and walk of life.  After a show when we’re talking with fans or read messages in our inbox from people who listened and they tell us they loved what they heard; man that’s what makes this labor of love so worth it.

How do you balance being a wife and a singer? 

How do I balance personal and professional life?  I make time for both.  Family comes first.

Who are some of your favorite music artists? 


Ooh, I love Earth Wind and Fire, Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana, Al Jarreau, Nina Simone; Sting is my favorite songwriter-he tells great stories in his songs.

What challenges have you faced throughout your career? 

I have to say the biggest one for me has been patience; do the work then allow it to breathe; let it happen-timing.  I understand timing as a singer/songwriter/performer; it’s funny actually that life’s timing would be my biggest challenge. Trusting in my calling.

What has been your best experience thus far? 

I have two that stand out.  I was performing and a little black girl was walking by holding her mother’s hand.  She looked up at me, I waved to her.  She didn’t take her eyes off me; nor I her till they were out of sight.  I know the power of being able to identify with an aspiration especially for children of color.  I’ll never forget that moment. I was that little girl once.  That’s why I take what we do so seriously.  The ability to influence lives is an honor and responsibility we don’t take lightly.

The other was singing for Rosa Parks which was amazing.

Where do you hope to see you and your band in the next 10 years?

I hope to be writing hits for other artist as well as for SiloamPool, performing for those who love our work, keeping the band busy!

What projects are you currently working on? 

We’re currently working on new songs for our full length CD-so we’re really excited about that.  I’d love to do some collaboration so we’ll see how that goes.

What advice do you have for aspiring jazz musicians and performers?

Get your education.  Search your heart, what do you love doing and be honest with yourself.  Pray and ask God to show you your purpose and your gifts we all have them.  Learn as much as you can about what you love, practice become good at it and figure out a way to go about making it a honest profession.  That would be for anything someone is aspiring to do in their lives.  No one can do you better than you.

Want more SiloamPool? Visit their website.

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