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January 14, 2013  | by: Tania Lasenburg


In a time and age when house music and dub step rule the world, it is hard to find music that is truly original. But it isn’t impossible. Shy Girls is a seven piece band with singer Dan Vidmar leading the way.

Coming from Portland, Oregon this band has been described as R&B and after listening to their EP Sex in the City which was originally released in 2011 but re-released in November 2012, the band switches from R&B to Jazz depending on the song. Their music is extremely mellow, which is a good thing for days when you want to take it easy. For instance with this song “Do it Like This,” which is my favorite.

In an interview, Vidmar stated that he is inspired by Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, Bell Biv Devoe, Shai, and  Luther Vandross; these are musicians that were able to bring out various emotions from their audience all the while having soul and sense of direction.

What makes Shy Girls unique is their ability to sound so natural. When I heard the song “Under Attack,” which is the first track off their next album (that has no release date at the moment) I was blown away by its smoothness and it reminded me of smooth jazz, the kind I listen to after a long day at work or during a bubble bath.

Even with the upbeat songs it still isn’t the type of music to listen to while getting ready for a party. Shy Girls makes an attempt to stand out in this fast tempo, my-lyrics-do-not-make-any-sense type of world.

Vidmar doesn’t sing throughout all the songs; he allows his band-mates to get some shine by having them play solos. There is care and thought in this music. As if every note was hand picked and cuddled before being played. When I hear the horns before Vidmar starts to sing I hear an old school soul beginning, but modern spin to it.  This is the type of music you may find a hipster listening to.  There is a culture and a down-to-earth feeling in their music and I am completely in love with it.

Shy Girls have the potential of being a well known band with a huge following. They need to be developed more; their sound is a bit amateur but there is too much potential for this band to be ignored.  A complex melody and deeper lyrics would have this band at the top of their game. There just needs to be more of them in the songs.

If you check out their Facebook page, you will see the band is very vocal with their fans. And although they do not do a large amount of live shows it doesn’t mean that 2013 won’t be the year for them. If you’re unable to buy the band’s EP, check out their soundcloud which has the same music as Sex in the City.

Dubstep and house music are fun but they seriously do not make the world go round.

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