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January 16, 2013  | by: Julia Horniacek
Flickr (jjduncan_80)

Flickr (jjduncan_80)

Fashion designer, singer, and actress Kelly Osbourne has recently been linked to performer Lady Gaga after allegedly accusing Gaga of looking pregnant during an episode of “E! Fashion Police.” Her comment lead to an intense feud starting with Gaga fans coming to her defense, attacking Osbourne over cyber space.

But who, in fact, is actually fighting this battle? In response to Gaga’s open letter posted on her website, addressing Kelly after her statement that Gaga should have more control over her fan-base, Kelly’s mother, Sharon, stepped up to the plate in Kelly’s defense. It is no surprise where Kelly gets her edge from, but this time Sharon’s edges were a bit sharper than Kelly’s, and for no benefit.

Gaga’s letter was posted January 10, and Sharon wasted no time in responding via Facebook only hours later. Osbourne claimed that due to Gaga’s mother’s involvement, she would be defending her own daughter. However, there is a difference between being defensive and being offensive. As most of us have learned, fighting fire with fire only creates a bigger fire – so someone should have pulled the extinguisher on Sharon.

Sharon’s defense as a whole is a contradiction. She first states her disapproval of Gaga’s public letter to Kelly, yet she does not privately respond to Gaga, instead posting her own response on Facebook. She then continues by encouraging Gaga to tell her “little monsters” to stop bullying Kelly. Gaga can insist that the cyber-bullying stop, but that does not mean it will. Individuals are responsible for their own actions – celebrities can only stand as role models.

Flickr (thahn7580)

Flickr (thahn7580)

It is shortly after that, that Sharon’s letter turns from defensive to spiteful as she criticizes Gaga’s dress made of raw meat, accusing Gaga to be in favor of animal cruelty. A mother defending her child can be respected, but once that mother’s intention is to get even with those who hurt their child, she becomes no better than the instigators themselves.

Letters have been written, gauntlets have been thrown, but as of January 13, 2013, Kelly Osbourne expressed that despite the feud, she loves, and is a big fan of, Gaga’s work. As for her mother’s involvement, Kelly tells PEOPLE, “I have no control over my mother.”

Well, there you have it; Gaga cannot control her fan’s actions anymore than Kelly Osbourne can control her mother’s. The only people we have complete control over, are ourselves. The most we can do for others, is set an example.

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