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July 18, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (selenagomezla)

Instagram (selenagomezla)

Selena Gomez shared a special treat with her fans this past Monday when she released an early streaming of her upcoming album, Stars Dance, which was slated for this Friday, July 19. I will be the first to say, this record is her best by a long shot.

If you love pop sensations Rihanna and Ke$ha (like I know you do), then you’ll love Gomez’s entire record. Yes, it is that good!

Even at the age of 20, Gomez will forever look like a 12-year-old in my book. However, she has been putting forth the effort to generate a more mature sound, and by mature, I mean she snagged rights to the racy dance track “Come & Get It.” A song which was originally meant to be for RiRi.

Just by listening to a few tracks, I could definitely sense that Gomez had RiRi on her mind, especially with her tune, “Like a Champion,” with its island flair. “Undercover,” and “Slow Down,” are my faves on the album and either one could be the next big dance hit since Ke$ha’s “Your Love Is My Drug,”, and could just as much compete with Zedd’s club-banger “Clarity.”

There’s even a track on the record, “Love Will Remember,” rumored to be about her ups and downs with boyfriend Justin Bieber (because God knows how long that rollercoaster will carry on for).


I never really understood Gomez’s decision for abandoning her band, The Scene. Then again, I didn’t see their relevance to her brand anyway. I mean, don’t get me wrong I loved “Naturally” and “Round & Round.” Those were some of my favorite workout tunes, and I still listen to them today. Still, I don’t see the point of famous singers straddling their backing bands along, knowing that in the end they would only be temporary assets.

Overall, I am loving the new route Gomez has taken with her new music. It’s appropriate and much more settling than the direction Miley Cyrus is going with her music career. Gomez’s album is pretty much golden, with the exception of the song “Birthday,” which sounds just awkward. Nonetheless, it seems like she’s grown accustomed to singing sexier–I mean, more mature–songs.

I’m totally satisfied with the finished product of Stars Dance, and I am excited to know what her next single will be.

Take a listen for yourself, and tell us what you think of her new record!!

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