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July 04, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (robinthickeofficial)

Instagram (robinthickeofficial)


I know what you’re thinking: “You’re absolutely out of your mind, Paris. Robin Thicke is always sexy.” Ladies, don’t pounce on me just yet. I promise there’s a reasonable explanation for pronouncing Robin  Thicke to be “unsexy”, and this explanation comes in the form of Thicke’s latest single, a poorly written and overly obscene track that should have never left the studio, let alone made it onto his upcoming album.

Before I begin, I must explain  that I am a devout lover of Thicke. His sexy, smooth demeanor melts me in places I never knew existed. He is suave, beautiful to look at and his voice is far more hypnotizing than Justin Timberlake, or Justin Bieber for that matter. To put it frankly, everything about Thicke screams sex appeal, consequently spawning my envy of his wife Paula Patton.

With the success of Thicke’s dancey ditty, “Blurred Lines” featuring Pharrell and T.I., it would seem as though the “Lost Without You” soul singer put much effort into meticulously crafting each of the other songs on his upcoming record.

That was until I heard “Give It 2 U,” and realized that the man who once made my libido soar had me feeling dirty, and this time, I was not sure if it was such a good thing. I’m certain many of you ladies were just as curious to know what Mr. Thicke was hiding down under. Like most hunks of our era would, Thicke likes to brag about his “big [insert the obvious],” especially in this particular song, which features Kendrick Lamar.

Instagram (robinthickeofficial)

Instagram (robinthickeofficial)


As exciting as that all sounds, there isn’t enough showing off he could do to convince me to give the song a second go:

It would be an understatement to say Thicke has simply migrated from his R&B roots towards a more mainstream hip-hop sound. Still, a song like this, with it’s gritty lyrics and protruding sexual innuendos, should not be sung by talents like Thicke. In fact, this is the perfect demonstration of just how unwell R&B and hip-hop mesh together.

The chorus of the song is unoriginal, annoying, and does no justice to Thicke’s lyrical charm. Perhaps the only thing more disappointing than the hook, which goes, “Hey, girl/ You know you’re looking so damn fly,” is the useless feature of Lamar, who does little to reverse the song’s plunge into my virtual trash bin.

Think the song’s too racy for Thicke, or is it just what you’ve been waiting to hear?

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