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February 28, 2013  | by: Kasey Kilinski
Flickr (beard)

Flickr (beard)


What is it with guys who are infatuated with growing facial hair? Ben Affleck kept his beard through ward season because he believed it to be good luck. But guess what Ben did at a private Oscars after party?

Ben Affleck shaved his beard! After winning big for Argo and getting an Oscar for Best Picture, Ben, wife Jennifer Garner, close friend and co-producer of the film, George Clooney, and others went to Craig’s restaurant for their own after party. This is where the beard was shaved off. Reportedly, they all egged him on and took turns with the clippers. Thank goodness! Ben was starting to look a little a wilderness man.

Many celebrities have had out of control beards that I think should have never happened.  The perpetrators include Antonio Banderas, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Adrian Grenier, Adrien Brody, Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt. I could go on with this list. But don’t worry, I will spare you.

I mean, first of all…. doesn’t having a beard hurt? I couldn’t imagine having hair on my face! I would think it would be so uncomfortable. Second of all… isn’t it a little unsanitary? Food has to get stuck in there and stuff. Do they have a special men’s facial hair shampoo? If not, they should. Third of all… it just looks gross. It looks lazy and dirty, in my opinion.

A little stubble or some tender love and care for facial hair is another story. Here are two excellent examples of sexy facial hair:

Gilles Marini:

Flickr (enzer_flicks)

Flickr (enzer_flicks)


Chace Crawford:

Flickr (Rairis B. 3)

Flickr (Rairis B. 3)


Nicely done, Gilles and Chace. Too bad not all men could look like you guys.

What do you think of bears? Leave us your answers in the comments below!

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  • L a u r e n

    I LOVE beards! All facial hair! I’m the total opposite of you.
    There’s something very primal and to me about it! Rarrr. :)