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May 31, 2013  | by: Leigh Badrigian
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Flickr (gem_106)


Consider your fantasies totally and utterly shattered, ladies.

Bradley Cooper has just confessed that he is a “wet kisser!” We’re talkin’ a Mr. Slobbering Sloppy, my friends, and that is just never a good thing.

So how does he know? Jennifer Lawrence, also known as every female’s (fantasy) best friend and thus a very dependable source, actually told him so while they were filming Silver Linings Playbook! Oh man, my face is turning red from embarrassment for Bradley just thinking about it!

The loose lipped (aaah, literally!) actor candidly recalled his co-star’s brutally honest comment on the Graham Norton Show this past Friday saying, “After the second take she [Lawrence] said, ‘You’re a wet kisser.’ You don’t want to hear that. It was not a compliment.”

Ooooh, poor Brad! That critique would crush…no…demolishany person’s self esteem! And yet he and Jennifer won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss! Talk about some movie magic! Oh em gee…is that why Jen wasn’t at the award show that night?! She must have known they were going to win and be expected to make-out on stage like past Best Kiss winners have, so she bailed! Oh my goodness, can you imagine?!

But it just can’t be! That’s not how the world should work! Gorgeous, perfect-seeming men can’t be bad kissers! That’d be like biting into a really delicious-looking brownie and realizing that’s it’s actually vegan and completely falls apart in your mouth! Oh the horror!

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 6.13.59 PM

Instagram (sellaroo)

Can’t you totally picture Jen telling him that, though? She is always one to say exactly what she’s thinking. She doesn’t have much of a filter, that one, but let’s face it…that’s why we love her just so darn much! JLaw tells it like it is, and apparently, it’s wet and sloppy! Eeek!

I can’t even believe Bradley told that story on national – no, international because the Graham Norton Show airs on BBC – television! Why would you want to tell the world you’re a “wet kisser?!” Especially if you’re Bradley Cooper! You know how many women watching must have burst into tears?!

But wouldn’t you know it…Bradley’s confession made him even more attractive to me! Seriously, this guy’s got powers or something. I mean, the fact that he can make fun of himself and be that down-to-earth just makes me love him more! What other hot actor would risk his flawless reputation like that? That takes cajones, my friends.

Is this going to affect Bradley’s hunkalicious reputation, do you think? Does he even care? His new girlfriend must approve of his kissing, right? Unless, unlike Jennifer, Suki Waterhouse is just a gal that doesn’t kiss and tell.

What do you guys think? Does hearing Bradley’s a “wet kisser” kill your dreams, or do you love him…slobbery kisses and all?

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