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February 25, 2013  | by: Tania Lasenburg
Tumblr (brittanysmooch28)

Tumblr (brittanysmooch28)


Rappers and singers come into the industry almost daily. However, there comes a time when someone special stands out and forces the crowd to notice; that time has come with Brittany Smooch.

A teenage rapper from NYC, Smooch signed with Lady T Records when she was just 16-years-old. But don’t be too quick to label her as just another female rapper! Smooch has perfected a unique sound, mixing genres and pushing musical boundaries. Her music is described as “electro hip-hop” and the young artist couldn’t be more excited about that description. During emcBlue’s exclusive interview with the young artist, Smooch told us the title is “perfect” for what she’s trying to do musically.

Smooch has collaborated with some big names for her upcoming EP, “Smooch,” including Mickey Avalon and Young Money’s Lil’ Twist, though you may know him as Justin Bieber’s BFF. Smooch tells emcBlue that her connection with Lil’ Twist, who is featured on the artist’s song “Kamikaze,” was almost instant. “We started talking about our songs, music in general and being teenagers . . . he’s a really cool guy,” she says.

No two of Smooch’s songs sound alike and with each new track comes new energy and originality. This isn’t too surprising figuring Smooch’s musical influences range from Brittany Spears to Lil Wayne to Shania Twain. It’s no wonder Smooch decided to mix genres!

As Smooch continues to talk with us about her music and label we get the impression that she’s a very grounded teen. The rapper has nothing but good things to say about the people around her and she expresses how important music is as a means to connect with people and spread positive vibes. In addition to inspiring people with her music, Smooch also wants to lend a hand to her community and make a difference. “I want to work with charities and I want to help people,” she explains.

Smooch’s music is fun, fresh and catchy, perfect to blast at a pool party or to jam out to in your car. Soon, the rapper’s feel good music will be hitting the air-waves and touching the hearts of teens everywhere!

Smooch’s EP will be available on iTunes next Tuesday, March 5. In the meantime, you can keep tabs on Smooch through her tumblr, facebook, website and twitter.

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