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May 21, 2012  | by: Latonya Darrisaw

Sarah Cole

When Sarah Cole walks into a room, people take notice. If the height or gorgeous mane of wild and untamed hair doesn’t cause you to stare, maybe her eclectic, easy and carefree bohemian style will. The 23-year-old Alabama native is finishing up her master’s degree at the University of Alabama, but in her spare time, she loves shopping at thrift stores. Feathers and headbands usually complete her look, but what makes Sarah unique is that she doesn’t let high-end designer labels or the latest trends define her. With a fashion sense that is equally as diverse and cool as her musical taste, Sarah says her style is an “eclectic fusion of different elements, different moods, different eras, and different vibes.”

How would you describe your personal style?

It’s a combination of everything. I love the whole bohemian vibe, but I’m also into the classy 1950s look as well. Some days I like to get funky with my clothing. Others, I tend to go with something simple. But I always like to have some vintage feel to my attire. I guess I’m pretty bold when it comes to my style. I always dress for comfort. I rarely wear heels and I always make sure I feel good in my outfits.

Where do you like to shop?

Oh, that’s an easy one. Thrift stores! Great deals and you never know what you may find. I never leave a thrift store empty-handed. It’s the perfect way to find statement pieces or just articles or accessories that blend different styles together. I also love the fact that I can find pieces to fix up to match my own personal style. I’m not scared to buy something horribly tacky and cut or crop it or add to it in a way that fits my personality. It’s a great way to make something your own.

Is there a method to the madness of bargain shopping?

Patience is key for any thrift store shopper. Most people I know refuse to go thrift shopping because of the hassle. It’s a little overwhelming for them. With thrift store shopping, you have to search for it. It’s not going to jump out at you. Don’t be afraid to dig. And don’t be afraid to try stuff out.

Sarah in her signature vintage style, headband, and feathers

If you could give any style advice to our readers, what would it be?

Don’t be scared to try something different. Who cares what others may think? Fashion is all about showing off your personality and expressing yourself. It’s about finding something that makes you happy and makes you feel good. It’s about being yourself. Don’t go for what’s in style. Go for your style and rock it!

Since you’re into the arts scene, music and entertainment, who are some of your favorite artists?

I love rock and indie-alternative. I’m really into a combination of different bands. I guess some of my favorites would be Led Zeppelin (of course), The Black Keys, Jethro Tull, MGMT, Jack White, Arcade Fire, Drive-by Truckers, and Beck. The list goes on. And, as you can tell, it’s a combination of everything, minus country. I’m just not a fan, which also explains why I don’t own a pair of cowboy boots. I may be a southern woman, but country just isn’t my style.

What role do art and entertainment play in your style?

I’m extremely artsy and I feel as though fashion is just another form of expression. It’s an art in and of itself. I can paint my mood just by the clothing or accessories I wear. I can combine different styles and eras to make something totally my own. And I feel as though it’s the same with art and music, combining different genres and different eras to make something totally unique, something that fits you and only you. Something that describes who you are and what you’re feeling. And I totally have some big rockin’ hair that I will never cut off!

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