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May 11, 2013  | by: Kaitlyn Vella
Twitter (@SammyAdams)

Twitter (@SammyAdams)


Rapper Sammy Adams, best known for his 2010 hit single “Driving Me Crazy,” released a music video this week for his new single, “L.A. Story.” The song, which is also knew, features Mike Posner and is already gaining a lot of success among the fans.

This song isn’t like your typical rap song. When it comes to genres of music, it seems as though rap and country are the two that people feel very strongly about. You either love it or absolutely hate it. Sammy Adams is a different kind of rapper, though. Yes, he raps about smoking and drinking and girls, but it’s different. You can understand every single thing he says and the beats on his track change things up a bit. “L.A. Story” in particular is different with the addition of Mike Posner. It definitely adds a bit of a pop edge to it, instead of it solely being rap. This doesn’t always work, but I think it makes this song that much better.

Another reason that this song is incredibly desirable is because Sammy Adams really is “living his own L.A. story.” He’s living his dream and just enjoying his life and that’s what this song is all about. There’s just something about songs like this that make me feel incredibly good inside. I think it also helps, though, that I love Sammy Adams and Mike Posner’s voice is the perfect touch to this single.

The music video for the song is filmed entirely backwards. At first, I was a little thrown off guard by this. I thought it was would be fairly annoying, but I actually ended up enjoying it. I’m also quite impressed that Sammy Adams was able to cause that much ruckus in the streets of L.A. while also managing to stay steady on his skateboard. The fact that it was filmed backwards, but with Sammy riding a skateboard instead of walking, made it a bit more unique and fun to watch.

Aside from that aspect of the music video, the setting was beautiful. That’s pretty much a given, though, considering California has such beautiful scenery. From the people to the water to the trees to the buildings to the sky, it was hard to watch this video only once through. Instead, I found myself watching the video multiple times in order to take in all the aspects of the video (and to just listen to the amazing jam)!

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