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July 22, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Flickr (Uk_repsome)

Flickr (Uk_repsome)


Release the corgis! It’s a prince!

The newborn baby boy is the new addition to the royal family of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Despite the fact that Middleton’s pregnancy limbo’d under the paparazzi radar unlike American royalty Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, that didn’t stop the United States and Canada from peeking over the oceans and into our classy neighbors’ backyards.




The royal baby is big news in America and in Canada. It was a media frenzy, brought on by an American obsession over the crowned life….or over being British in general, actually. There’s a subtle hint of sophistication that goes with living in the United Kingdom. Of course, that’s coming from someone with an American perspective. Not to delve into the stereotypes, but whenever I think of Britain, tea and crumpets come to mind. I don’t know what crumpets are, but I feel like I need lace gloves to eat ‘em.

How much exactly will the birth of the baby prince impact the United States directly? Not much. The prince is third in line to the throne and will need to go Macbeth on Prince Charles and Prince Williams before he can sit his royal heiny on the throne. And while Middleton also gave birth to a $400 million tea party for her nation to celebrate her newborn, the Americas are left to gawk on news sites for updates, or perhaps congregate to local pubs where they can at least, pretend to be British.

Nevertheless, what this momentous occasion has done for us is draw our attention away from what’s happening in the mainland of America. That’s a good thing. When has our nation ever come together to celebrate anything? Almost never. Unless you count the finale of the show “Friends”. These days, America is just at war with itself. Perhaps that’s why we’re so obsessed with our British friends… we’re intrigued by the idea that a nation really can come together. We’re like the neighbor with marriage problems. We go next door to the picture perfect couple and we’re like, “How do you do it?!” To which Queen Elizabeth will just nod her head deviously with a grin on her face, “It’s the sex,” she’ll say. Okay, bad mental image.

Alas, let’s not let our fascination turn into full-blown distraction of the issues happening here at home.

How did you celebrate the birth of the royal baby?

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