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October 18, 2012  | by: Martha Adjei

Romney and Obama

The Presidential debates last night continued the on-going gabble between Obama and Romney, and Romney, like always, had a lot to say. While Obama continued with his conservative composure noted during the the first round of presidential debates,  Romney’s enthusiasm was noted by his constant interruptions, of Obama and moderator Candy Crowley. Romney acted as if he should ‘moderate’ the debate’ when he felt short-changed by Obama’s attacks on his government plans.

And pretty early on, Romney made it clear that he will be president this year in his answer to Jeremy Epstein, a 20-year-old college student, according to the debate transcript via The New York Times.

He also blatantly interrupted Crowley, when she tried to direct the question about gas prices to Obama. He interrupted her another time, when she was trying to dewy up answering time about employment between the two candidates.

MS. CROWLEY: Mr. President, I got to — I got to move you along. And the next a question is for you —

MR. ROMNEY: No, he — he gets the first — he actually got — he actually got the first question. So I get the last question — last answer on that one.

MS. CROWLEY: If — actually, in the follow-up. It doesn’t quite work like that.

MR. ROMNEY: Actually —

MS. CROWLEY: But I’m going to give you a chance here. (Laughter.) I promise you I’m going to.

So I guess Romney can add ‘moderator’ to his long list of career achievements.

This isn’t the first time  Romney showed his overly-boisterous behavior. Even some Obama supporters agree that Romney out-spoke our current president in the first debates.

“A number of folks [came] up to me at this NY debate party, stating they are Obama supporters, NOT happy with his performance,” CNN commentator Roland Martin explained on Twitter via Fox News.

I guess it’ll comes down to what America is looking for in a President. Middle Class tax reductions, or tax breaks for the rich? Investments in oil and gas, or investments in alternative energy? Passion or smooth talk? We’ve only had 44 presidents, and some haven’t worked out so well, so I guess we’ll have to see who America chooses at the end of the elections.

Who do you think will win the election?

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