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August 27, 2012  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

Rockie Fresh

There is some sort of intergalactic vibe that you get while listening to Rockie Fresh. His flow has a futuristic twist with a hint of punk-rock to it that most just can’t quite get right. Catching the eyes of big timers Joel & Benji Madden of Good Charlotte, Patrick Stump from Fall out Boy and Rick Ross, it is obvious that the young rapper has been set on a high pedestal. Most would call him a rebel with a cause but in all reality he’s a rapper from Chicago with a story to tell. So gather around everyone cause this is going to be a good one.

Donald “Rockie Fresh” Pullen was bred in Southside Chicago where he was surrounded by crime, drugs and nothing but worries and troubles. He grew up in the midst of it all until his parents decided to move to Homewood, Illinois where Rockie started his rapping career. Seeking refuge in his raps, Rockie took to freestyle battles during his lunch period in school. This is where he went from Donald Pullen to Rockie Fresh; the start of a beautiful friendship for hip-hop.

In 2009 Rockie decided to leave his cafeteria freestyles behind and hit the studio. The decision to go to the studio opened up doors for Rockie when he received the opportunity to meet Andrew Koenig and Andrew Gertler. Koenig and Gertler became Rockie’s managers and they went on to open up APG Music Group, LLC. Under Koenig and Gertler’s management, Rockie released his first and second mix-tapes, Rockie’s Modern Life (2009) and The Otherside (2010).

Just off the strength and success of his mix-tapes, Rockie was added to the 2011 Bamboozle line-up which featured Rick Ross, Big Sean and Twista, amongst many in demand artists. Everyone was beyond impressed with Rockie’s performance and it grabbed the attention of Josh Madden, whom later introduced him to Joel and Benji Madden (Good Charlotte). Rockie’s music began to circulate quicker to the right people and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy caught wind of it and gave nothing but good praises. Rockie went on to tour with Fall Out Boy soon afterwards.

Touring with the big leagues, being featured in Metromix’s “25 Hottest Artists Under 25,” and having his music featured on the CW’s Nikita was nothing compared to what was to come for Rockie Fresh. In early 2012, Rockie released his fourth mix-tape, Driving 88, and to say that the mix-tape was a success was an understatement. Driving 88 gave off a sense that a new form of hip-hop was beginning and in return it was met with nothing but excitement and an anxious feeling for more. Fans all over wanted to hear more from Rockie Fresh and so did Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross. And he made sure that would happen by signing the young talent on  July 12,2012.

Since being signed Rockie has been on the fast track to giving his fans more music, videos, tours and the inside look to his musical journey. In between keeping his fans on their toes, Rockie is prepping his fifth mix-tape, Electric Highway, and it will hopefully be released in the Fall. With everything that Rockie has offered us so far, it would seem that his story would be close to an end but it’s just beginning so pay close attention because Rockie Fresh is going to take you guys back to the future.

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