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January 18, 2013  | by: Jennifer Chien

Flickr (dlawrencedesigns)

Keke Palmer, known for her role on the late Nicklodeon sitcom True Jackson, VP, is joining CW’s hit 90210 for the later half of the current season. She is set to play Elizabeth, sister of Naomi’s new love interest, Jordan, played by Robbie Jones. A great opportunity for Palmer and Jones, but unfortunately, this also means good-bye “Maxomi”.

Max, played by Josh Zuckerman, and Naomi, Annalynn McCord, (tagged “Maxomi”), have quickly grown to be fans favorite couple on the show, or at least a close second to Annie and Liam. They are now married, with some minor issues, but nothing drastic enough, that would allow the fans to expect them to go their separate ways. This is something very unexpected but I also can’t wait to see how it all plays out. I mean, if Naomi has a new love interest, it can only mean more hilarious Naomi moments, right?

Flickr (Lovatic)

Flickr (Lovatic)


Many CW fans may recognize Robbie Jones as  former One Tree Hill’s Quentin Hills, and former Hellcat, Lewis Flynn. Personally, I can’t speak for his role on Hellcats, but I loved his character on One Tree Hill, and I’m glad he’s back on track! If all goes well, he could land a permanent role in 90210, and in Naomi’s love life.

As sad as I am about Naomi and Max’s relationship ending, I’m looking forward to the new characters, spicing up the show, and live vicariously again through the entire casts’ unrealistic drama.

90210 returns next Monday, January 21, on the CW, don’t forget! It’s been a while, so hopefully the preview below will refresh your memory and get you pumped!

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