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April 26, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran
Flickr (Neon Tommy)

Flickr (Neon Tommy)


It seems as if singer and songwriter Rita Ora has dazzled us all with her amazing voice and catchy songs, including the infamous designer Calvin Klein. The British star will be performing this Friday night for Calvin Klein at this years Baselworld in Switzerland.

Baselworld is an annual event in which designers have the chance to display their watch and jewelry lines. This year, Calvin Klein will be showcasing his watch and jewelry line which recently went from being know as, ck Calvin Klein Watches & jewelry to Calvin Klein Watches and Jewelry. This event is always a major one in the fashion world and is therefore quite a big deal, which is why I am not the least bit surprised Rita Ora will be featured. The British superstar recently became famous when three of her singles hit number one in the United Kingdom and she has not slowed down since.

I personally love Rita Ora’s music. Her songs are catchy but not too “poppy”. Although I do love pop music, I do think it tends to get repetitive, and sometimes a bit cheesy. Rita Ora however knows how to keep it fresh, which is why I believe she and Calvin Klein are the perfect pair. Calvin Klein is similar to Ora in that he is popular and knows how to keep things real. I see both as having an edgy style, however, the two do definitely differ in the kind of edginess they have captured. Ora is edgy in the sense that she leather, red lip stick and studded jacket kind of way, whereas Calvin Klein has a more sophisticated edginess that incorporates sharp silhouettes and bold fabrics. However the singer and designers differences only make their relationship stronger and together I think the two are a dynamic duo.

Flickr (Edwin Yasis)

Flickr (Edwin Yasis)


Fashion Shows have many aspects to them. Obviously the clothes and accessories are important, but so is the atmosphere, the way the viewers feel. The only sure way to control the viewers emotions is to control the music, the lighting, the electricity in the air. Rita Ora is a signer that definitely gives off a lot of energy. This energy in combination with Calvin Klein’s accessories will make for an amazing presentation and an amazing experience.

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