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November 15, 2011  | by: Kerri O'Malley


We just saw the video for “We Found Love,” the first single off of Rihanna’s upcoming album, Talk That Talk, but now we’ve found two more tracks from the record, due to be released on November 21st.  Almost a perfect year after LOUD, Talk That Talk is set to capitalize on Rihanna’s growing fame with an exciting Jay-Z guest spot and a sample from the xx.

Continuing with the techno lust of “We Found Love,” “Drunk on Love” samples the xx’s “Intro” and sings of consuming passion.  With a falsetto voice too dramatic and full of put-on longing to really catch my interest, “Drunk on Love” is mostly a boring, extremely unspecific ballad that gains its only real greatness from the xx’s electro fusion.  Intoxication and romance are hardly two rarely combined concepts, and “Drunk on Love” merely mashes stereotypes together, lacking the edge we’ve come to expect from Rihanna.  Listen to the track here, via Listen Before You Buy.

The album’s title track featuring Jay-Z might have been similarly lacking in originality if Hov wasn’t there to save it.  (Click here to listen to the track, via Hypetrak.)  Rihanna doesn’t bury Jay’s verse, giving him the first go for a minute of lady pee wordplay and creative rhymes.  Jay-Z can talk that talk to me all night long, which makes me wish he’d been on more of this track.  Other than a little Hov laugh-shout towards the end, this beginning verse is all we hear of Jay, and the song blows its load way too early because of it, spiraling into Rihanna’s repetitiveness.  Still, the track’s pretty catchy ala “What’s My Name,” and the rhythm brings “Rude Boy” back a bit.

Rihanna’s recent success has been eerily built alongside her infamy as a Chris Brown abuse victim.  While LOUD and “Love the Way You Lie” directly reference this incident, the more recent “We Found Love,” starring a Brown look-a-like and a weird intro message, had me worried that Talk That Talk would follow suit and drift into this creepy territory, marketing Rihanna through her status as a victim, making her experience with abuse a key part of her success in a twisted and uncomfortable way.  Fortunately, these two most recent singles don’t call Rihanna’s past to mind.  Let’s hope the videos don’t tip the scales unnecessarily.

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