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January 30, 2013  | by: Tania Lasenburg
Flickr (thecomeupshow)

Flickr (thecomeupshow)


Rick Ross is the perfect rags to riches story in the rap industry. He became a world wide rapper pretty much overnight and has been climbing the charts ever since. Recently, the rapper celebrated his 37th birthday at Club Liv in Miami, FL. Upon leaving, someone started shooting at the rapper, which caused Ross to crash his car into an apartment building.

I am not a fan of Rick Ross but I was concerned when reading about this incident and there is a reason that you should be as well. Someone had a gun and used it on this man. People believe it is because they simply do not like Ross and comparing it to the West Coast, East Coast issue that happened in the 90s.

That is a far fetch reason. It is because Ross has beef with almost every other rapper in the industry. From 50 Cent to Young Jeezy, there is almost no one who hasn’t had a problem with Ross.

My fear with this reasoning is that it will turn into a bigger issue, where people are picking sides and being public about it. What I mean by ‘public’ is exactly how the Biggie Smalls and 2Pac issue occurred. That messed up not only the lives of their family but the music industry period. People are weary of fights between artists because there is always the issue of it moving off the record and/or becoming personal.

How can the industry avoid things like the death of Biggie Smalls and 2Pac?

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