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February 16, 2012  | by: Addie Stuber

Valentine’s Day 2012 left me cold. Not for love-related reasons either. Like any good Twitter user, I try to reap amusement from holidays or events that inspire mass updates. While I appreciated melodramatic responses related to #IfYouAreSingle, I wasn’t as pleased with #CandyHeartRejects. The OCD side of my personality was pricked by people’s lack of brevity. Conversation Hearts are similar to Tweets in that they have definite character limitations. Yet few #CandyHeartRejects responders kept their suggestions short.

I decided to research exactly how many letters can fit on a Conversation Heart. According to Infoplease.com Contributor Holly Hartman, “Conversation Hearts come in two sizes—the standard 1/2 inch and the larger 3/4 inch model. The small hearts generally can fit no more than two words with four letters each, while the large hearts may accommodate two words with six letters each.”

The task of generating new phrases each year that adhere to these standards is no doubt difficult. However, caffeine from the chocolate I am currently eating has got me feeling ambitious – SO LETS TRY!

The Confession Box: For those wishing to break the news gently…

Lost Gpa

I’m Gay

U Eva Shave?

The Marriage Box: For spouses who refuse to communicate…

Sexy Van

Mad Again?

Kids In Bed?

The Office Box: For exchanges that happen between cubicles…

Hire Me

Intern Single?

Synergy Rocks

The Daily Dish Box: For the Perez Hiltons among us…

Hug It Out

Bitch U Crazy

Knockoff? Plz!

Candy Hearts are all about the wordplay. Terrible taste and texture is remedied by NECCO’s ingenuity. The company has managed to create a treat that acts as a blank template for the times. Now that is one sweet idea.

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