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September 10, 2011  | by: Neha Govil

Lion King 3D Poster

On September 16th, 2011, history will be reborn. The Lion King, a 1994 classic that has often been cited as the “best Disney movie of all-time,” will be re-released in 3D. It’s an exciting event, and many people are going to flock to theaters worldwide to experience a classic favorite in a way that is much more alive thanks to the 3D effect.

Other than giving those who have already watched the movie a chance to revisit the experience in a new way, what is the point of re-releasing a classic in 3D? The experience was great the first time around, and in all honesty, it’s rare that the 3D version of a movie actually enhances the experiences. Most often, the 2D is just as good (Avatar, for example).Younger generations typically either don’t care enough to watch a movie in theaters, or are content to experience the movie exactly the way it was meant to originally be experienced.

The resurgence of 3D in theaters might be an effort on producers’ part to keep up with the modern day. Viewers are increasingly less satisfied with merely watching a good story, and wish to actually be as much a part of the story as they can.To accommodate these desires, more and more movies are being originally released in 3D as well as 2D. Popular examples being the aforementioned Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise.

Though not typical classics, fan favorites such as Happy Feet Two and Piranha are scheduled for 3D release November of this year. 1998 classic Godzilla,  the longest-running franchise, is being developed into a 3D story with a release date set for sometime in 2012. And perhaps the 3D release receiving the most hype and buzz is Titanic, set to drop April 6th, 2012.

Original Poster for the Titanic

The date of the 3D release about the ill-fated ship is meant to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the actual sinking, and the 3D film is meant to allow those who cannot grasp the gravity of the tragedy to experience the event in a touching, personal way. “A whole generation has not experienced the movie the way it was meant to be experienced. The 3D production will help many people truly understand the tragic event as it happened,” producer James Cameron says.

While the desire to show newer generations what they missed out on as an admirable feat, some believe that the classics should be left untouched and not tampered with. For every person that is ecstatic about the re-release of the Lion King or Titanic in 3D, there is another person who is outraged that their memories of the classic experiences will be changed. They say that while time does move forward, some movie experiences should remain the same. However, the fact remains that whether people like the concept of 3D re-releases or not, everybody’s going to go watch Lion King in 3D anyway, and the true judgement will only begin afterwards.

What are your thoughts on releasing classic favorites in 3D?

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