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January 18, 2012  | by: Nicholas Persad

Emily VanCamp, Revenge

The art of getting even is not something I am particularly gifted in but I love to watch a scheme go down on an unsuspecting person (especially if they deserve it), so it was no surprise when ABC showed previews for its new series Revenge, that premiered in September 2011, I knew I would be watching.

However, September came and I completely forgot to start watching the show.  I didn’t want to start watching in the middle of the season, so I decided to wait until season one was over to catch up. However, I began to read all the great reviews the show was receiving in addition to the Golden Globe nomination Madeline Stowe received for Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama for playing main protagonist Victoria Grayson. So, last week I finally gave in and watched it.

I am hooked! I watched all 12 episodes back-to-back. I just couldn’t stop. The show is filled with all the right types of drama, and no character is safe from the burn of another’s dangerous plot. Without giving too much away, the story focuses on Emily Thorn/Amanda Clarke, played perfectly by Emily VanCamp, a young woman desperate to seek revenge on the people who wrongfully imprisoned her father resulting in his death.

Set to the beautiful backdrop of The Hamptons, Revenge is hot in every way possible. The pilot episode begins with a flash-forward, where an unknown assailant seemingly murders Joshua Bowman’s character Daniel Grayson. However, the truth will be revealed in the highly anticipated episode 15. The suspense is killing me! What I love about the show the most though is every character can be considered a villain in someway. They all do questionable things that lead to another character’s demise. No cheesy, goody two-shoes characters here!

Check out a little sneak peak of episode 13, Commitment.

With a hot location, a hot cast and even hotter story lines, Revenge is looking to be everyone’s guilty pleasure.

Check it out on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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