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October 19, 2012  | by: Perla Peralta


90′s R&B/Pop sensation Brandy is back and ready to “Put it Down” on her new album Two Eleven, released on October 16th, 2012. The singer had been out of the music scene for almost four years, but she’s back and ready to work! On this album, our girl Brandy brought out the big guns to make a beautiful success collaborating with artist and producers such as Chris Brown for her single “Put it Down”, Breyon Prescott, Frank Ocean, Mario Winans, Bangladesh and Sean Garrett. What a list! No wonder everyone was waiting on the arrival of this highly anticipated album, and let me tell you the girl delivered.

Two Eleven showed Brandy’s R&B timeless style in songs such as “Do You Know What You Have?” , “Scared of Beautiful” and “Hardly Breathing”. Brandy breaks down about the heartache that comes with love at times, and let me just say…Brandy made some people teary eyed! She also incorporates some indie-rock/electronic sampled music from the recognizable Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li in her song “Let Me Go”. The title speaks for itself but the production behind the beats by Bangladesh and Sean Garrett is just amazing. I promise the song will leave you harassing the replay button!

The album displays Brandy’s original style complementing her earthy-tone voice, but in songs such as “Put it Down” ft. Chris Brown and “Slower”, Brandy lets her hair down and mixes it up a little for her audience. We are usually used to sweet quiet Brandy, but at 33, I think we got the clue…Girl you grown! Both songs bring a little sexiness to the mix with the uptempo beat in “Put it Down”(making people drop it down in the club)  and a sexy mellow beat in “Slower”(making people bring it down after the club).

All of Brandy’s great collabos have brought a great essence to her album Two Eleven, but the reinvented artist makes it clear that she’s the talent behind all of the greatness and she is here to stay. Those new up and coming artist need to get it together because Brandy is back on her game. It is totally clear in this album that her audience can only expect more greatness in the future.

Brandy fans can keep themselves updated about her whereabouts for her Two Eleven album on her twitter (since our girl loves to tweet) @4everBrandy. Keep yourself posted on tour dates, but in the meantime enjoy her album and make it yours. There is a song in there for everyone, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

The Countdown to the Ultimate 5 Songs that Stood Out the Most and Why :

1.) “Let Me Go”- Sampled beats are just awesome!

2.)“Hardly Breathing”- I promise you’ll cry after this ballad!

3.) “Scared of Beautiful”- Just because Frank Ocean can do no wrong in my eyes. That, and because he did a great job on this song obviously.

4.) “Put it Down“-The perfect first single on the album. Brandy and Chris Brown took an abstract beat and made it into some melodic beat and verse that won’t get out of your head!

5.) “Wildest Dreams”- This song brings back our old school Brandy with a beautiful chorus that leaves listeners impressed. It makes you feel like you are listening to a 1990′s early 2000′s Brandy jam out of your CD boombox. Can’t get any better than that.

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