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February 13, 2013  | by: Kasey Kilinski




Referred to as a dub step “legend,” Rednek is not your average musical artist. He was raised by a Jamaican family in London and always knew music was his future. His style stretches across genres, such as dub, rock, punk and step, instead of sticking to the same old boring beat.

Rednek’s name is derived from hard working farmers who spent hours working in the hot sun, causing the back of their neck to burn. “I’m no farmer, but damn I work hard and always get burnt quicker than an albino swimming in lava,” Rednek tells emcBlue. He obviously is entertaining in more ways than one!

At the age of 16, Rednek got his first job, which he says was a telemarketing position. “I just kept ringing music shops instead of selling windows. I knew then that I hated windows,” Rednek admits. I guess when you know, you know!

Rednek became his own artist in May 2010 after the death of his new born daughter. He told emcBlue that the experience gave him the strength to never to give up. He now has three children with his wife and remains very happy.

The music video below entitled “I’m Not Skrillex” gives fans a peek into how quickly Rednek’s career truly blew up. It seems that one day you have to make the choice to do something you love and then commit to it. Rednek is proof that success is the result of hard work and dedication.

When he isn’t creating music, Rednek is learning the ways of camera work for videos. He says that this helps him to better understand what happens behind the scenes of his own video shoots. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, who would describe him as humble, funny and reliable.

I would definitely describe Rednek’s tracks as unique. They are bass-heavy with a splash of reggae and a lot of attitude. It is also refreshing that he continues to have a good sense of humor instead of becoming far too serious and stuck up, which unfortunately seems to happen quite often in the music business. After listening to his songs on Soundcloud, it is clear why he is becoming well-known quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rednek tracks were playing in a club somewhere as you read this. Party-goers and true music fans everywhere would appreciate the sounds of Rednek.

Skrillex, Nero and Doctor P are artists who have inspired Rednek and his music. 50 Shades of Red, which is in reference to lighter and darker styles, is the name of his new, awaited EP. Samples of the electrifying tracks are available to listen to on Soundcloud, along with others, including the Rednek remix of PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” It can also be purchased on iTunes or Beatport. Be sure to follow Rednek and his blossoming career on Facebook and Twitter!

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