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April 21, 2012  | by: Emily Simpson

Record Store Day 2012

Every year, there is one magical day for anyone who loves albums. That day is Record Store Day. That day is this weekend. That day is a really important day for the music scene as we know it, and this is why you should go.

1. It’s still a relatively new tradition. Record Store Day was conceptualized by an employee of one, a man named Chris Brown, as a way for artists, fans and record store owners to collaborate on an international scale. It was officially founded in 2007, with the first one taking place on the third Saturday in April of the following year. That means that this is only the fifth one! There’s time for you to hop on this train before it gets out of control.

2. Artists release special albums that you cannot, for the most part, find elsewhere. If there’s a particular album you’ve been coveting, Record Store Day just might be the place to find it for a price that doesn’t even come close to the outrageous collector fees that are circulating. Sometimes artists will engineer releases specifically for Record Store Day, pressing only a certain number of copies and refusing to renew production afterwards.

3. It emphasizes the importance of listening to albums. Music used to be all about the concept of the album, how the songs flowed together and fit in a way that made sense. Artists still tend to make records this way, for the most part, but recognize that frequently, it’s not how people listen to them. We’re the generation of the iTunes shuffle, refusing to listen to just one artist at a time, much less an entire album. Record Store Day is all about the vinyl pressings, and anyone who has ever used a record player knows that it’s just easier to let the album take its course.

4. It’s a fun way to interact with your community, musical and otherwise. Feeling lonely or out of place in your town? Go to Record Store Day. Talk to people hovering around the same crates as you. These are your people, your potential new best friends. Record Store Day is about embracing the musical community that exists throughout the world. Take advantage of that.

I could honestly list a hundred more reasons detailing why you should go to Record Store Day, but really – just take my word for it. Go. Embrace music and celebrate the people who make it. Celebrate yourself.

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