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April 17, 2013  | by: Lisa Lefever
Twitter (@xceleb_news)

Twitter (@xceleb_news)


Nothing is ever peaceful and quiet in Hollywood, especially with tabloid-loved starlets like Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, and Kristen Stewart on the loose, always providing juicy photos and news for the paparazzi. Bynes has continued her loopy antics while Miley Cyrus has been cutting up in the club. K. Stew had a problem of a different kind at Coachella, but nonetheless very uncomfortable. Maybe the warmer weather is to blame for the drama heating up!

In case you have been hiding under a rock all weekend, stars have been flocking to Coachella, the famous music festival in the California desert, including on-again-off-again lovers K. Stew and Robert Pattinson. The two were seen locking hands and showing loads of PDA as they walked around the festival. That is crazy in itself, but to make things crazier, the two were in good company at the festival where Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sander‘s ex-wife, Liberty Ross, was spotted hanging out with U2 band members. Stewart was allegedly very upset about the encounter and still feels very guilty about what happened. Can you say awkward?

Miley faced different dilemma as video surfaced of her smoking a blunt and twerking it out on the dance floor at the Hollywood hot spot Greystone Manor where Rihanna was also recently caught lightin’ it up on the dance floor in more ways then one. It seems like Miley has decided to abandon all hopes of saving her Disney-star reputation. She has had a history of playing with a little pot, but this is a flat-out display of her rebel ways. What does Billy Ray think about this? Is Miley reacting to stress in her relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth?



Amanda Bynes knows a think or two about twerking, according to her twitter. Lately, she cannot seem to stay out of the media’s eye ever since she resurfaced on social media a couple weeks ago. What is up with her? Tuesday fans, the ones that are left at least, were outraged when Bynes posted a video on Telly.com of her getting ready. In the video, she was listening to music and supposedly sucking on a Sour Patch kid to get ready for her night while making a duck face. My reaction to the video was that she must be on something or a lot of somethings! I just don’t know how much lower she can go? For the sake of every one who is tired of hearing about her attention-seeking ways, please stop! And do something about that bleached hair.

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