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July 08, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (msrebeccablack)

Instagram (msrebeccablack)


Rebecca Black (a.k.a Ms. “It’s Friday”) unleashed a stripped down cover of Miley Cyrus’ newest tune, “We Can’t Stop,” and it actually sounds….good!

Even though Black will always be known as “that one girl who sung that stupid ‘Friday’ song back in 2011,” she’s still taking strides to launch her music career. Lately, the wannabe singer has been making quite the comeback with her release of an incredibly-likable cover of “Stay” originally sung by Rihanna.

I’m still not convinced anyone will take the tween star seriously, but after listening to this cover, one thing’s for sure, the girl does have star potential.

At only 16, Black has already become a viral star, having gained over 150 million hits on YouTube for her music video, “Friday,” a memory she’s probably singed from her mind out of embarrassment. Since then, Black has released a series of unfortunate singles: “My Moment,” “Person of Interest” and “Sing It,” further demonstrating Black’s lackluster talent.

It wasn’t until I randomly stumbled upon a video on Facebook that I heard Black’s cover of “Stay.” I was impressed with how well the teen sounded. Surely the girl’s been taking vocal lessons over the last year or so because her rendition was actually listenable.

It’s been nearly three months since we’ve heard material from Black but earlier this week she covered Cyrus’ live it up anthem, changed a few of the lyrics around, and belted out the tune with her own sweet interpretation. While I favor the original, it’s nice to see the girl doing better with her performances:

Rebecca Black’s cover of “We Can’t Stop,” like it or stop it?

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