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January 22, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran


At the end of last week, an email popped up in my inbox from the online shopping site ShoeDazzle. The email exclaimed that the new CEO of the online company was the one and only, Rachel Zoe.When it comes to fashion, it seems as if Rachel Zoe has done it all. A stylist who has worked with all celebrities, major fashion houses, and corporations, Rachel Zoe is also star of the popular TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project and founder of three newsletters: The Zoe Report, AccessZOEries, and Zoe Beautiful.

ShoeDazzle was founded in 2009. I only became aware of the site recently, as the advertising for the site have gone up dramatically in the past year, since the $39.95 charge to become a member has been dropped. The way ShoeDazzle works is that the shopper answers a series of questions. This is to determine the consumers personal style, and to make it easier for the person to find items to their liking. This technique was inspired by showroom shopping and manages to bring the benefits of shopping in a store with a salesperson to the convenience of ones home.

Unfairly, I had written ShoeDazzle off as a site not worthy of my attention. I didn’t think I would like any of the styles, and I doubted the quality would be any good. With these thoughts, I made an account and promptly forgot about it. That is until I received the email about Rachel Zoe. Whether you like her or not, Rachel Zoe is an acclaimed stylist with a lot of experience. She knows what she is talking about. For her to team up with ShoeDazzle, and take on the role of CEO is huge, and no small task, and it makes me rethink my first impressions of the e-commerce site. I decided to do some research. Turns out, ShoeDazzle was first founded by three people, one of them being the infamous, Kim Kardashian. In the past year the site grew from 3 million members to a whopping 13 million members. With the announcement of the new CEO, Rachel Zoe, and the decision to add accessories and certain clothing items to its stock, I am sure this number will rise even more dramatically.



Although I see commercials for the website all the time, one would only know about the Kardashian connection if they researched it, since it is rarely advertised. The Zoe connection has been made quite obvious. Both Kim Kardashian and Rachel Zoe are favorite celebrities, and using the the popularity of both would be quite advantageous for the website.

With the quite recent passing of the holiday season as a reminder of how busy and unappealing shopping in a crowded mall or department store can be, I am sure ShoeDazzle will appeal to many. The luxury of shoes and accessories in the luxury of shopping in ones home. Whats not to love?

What do you think of ShoeDazzle? Leave your comments below!

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