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March 23, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Taja Whitted


Do you ever get sick of jeans, boots or heels? An awesome alternative is your workout gear. I have been noticing an array of colorful sneakers and workout outfits in the city and they seem tres chic when you want to wear something comfortable.


Polyvore (Tajaw)


Here are the essentials.

The Hoodie.


Polyvore (Tajaw)


It used to be for sports games, or munching on the couch but the hoodie is a great alternative for a sweater.  A versatile option in a bright color you can dress up with a pair of leggings or sneakers. The color is what offsets the hoodie from being seen as traditional to a trendy piece.

The first hoodie is Hollister at an affordable price of $25. Then there’s the classic black and white Addias original sweatshirt for $55. Lastly a colorful favorite is from Superdry at $100.

The Colorful sneaker.


Polyvore (Tajaw)



When did sneakers get so cool? Maybe it has something to do with the healthy eating trend in society or we are starting to realize how comfortable this footwear option can be. Either way the colorful sneaker can boost anyone’s mood and motivate you to do your errands. From hitting the gym or the supermarket you will definitely grab peoples attention in a good way for standing out and being bold with your gym wear.

The first pair is by puma and are $40, second are by gap and is their version of the classic trainer. Next you have the third pair, with minimal color they still get the point across. They are priced at $150 at finish line. The fourth pair are not to be worn for exercise but instead is a stylish solution. I know sometimes it can be hard to step away from the heels so here’s an alternative. These wedge sneakers are can be found at Dsw for $55. Lastly are a pair of new balance found at Urban Outfitters for $68.

The Bottoms.


Flickr (lululemon athletica)


Yoga pants, leggings, and sweatpants have become more than gym essentials. I regard these pieces as weekend wear because sometimes a girl needs a break. It used to be forbidden that no one should ever wear sweatpants outside, but the women of todays generation are definitely breaking this pattern. They are comfy stylish and allow you to move with flexibility, so next time your reaching for that can of soup on the top shelf stretch a little and you will see you can reach it.

Of course you may need a great gym bag to go with the look, but here’s a hint you can go green by using it as a shopping bag for your groceries or shopping and save on plastic.

How are you rocking your joggers?

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