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April 20, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran
Twitter (keshasuxx)

Twitter (keshasuxx)


When Ke$ha came out with her first album in 2010, the world went crazy. Not only did her music make up the perfect party playlist, but Ke$ha’s style has always been incredible. Edgy yet girly, Ke$ha’s style is one of the main reasons the star is so beloved. The daring, skimpy outfits that are almost always complimented with glitter, fun makeup and long flowing hair, makes for a person that everyone either wants to be with or look like.

Ke$ha has been riding on her style high for awhile now, and I have to say, its about time she share some of her flair with the rest of us. Ke$ha has announced that she will be collaborating with jewelry company Charles Albert to create a jewelry line that will combine the elegant quality of Charles Albert jewelry with the fun personality of Ke$ha. The line will include objects such as arrowheads, big colorful stones, skulls, and fossilized shark teeth, and will be combined to create big, chunky bracelets, medi-rings, pendants and necklaces.

I believe Ke$ha truly understands the importance of personal style. Ke$ha understands how crucial it is to be independent and to stand out from your peers. Because of this, the jewelry line will not include just a few pieces, but 5 to 7 whole collections, allowing for her fan base to have as many options as necessary and to pick and chose pieces that directly correlate with their own fashion sense.

Creative Commons ( peter_neill)

Creative Commons ( peter_neill)


It seems to me as if  Ke$ha really understands her fans and is not in any way tying to take advantage of them. The celebrity is instead trying to share with them the true Ke$ha experience. I find that many of the famous use their popularity against their fans by getting them to pay tons of money for simple souvenirs and objects.  Although some of the jewelry is expensive, most of Ke$ha’s pieces cost under $100, making it widely available to all of her followers.

The collections will be available this upcoming August and I am extremely excited to arrive at my next party with some Ke$ha inspired glitter in my hair and some of her statement pieces dangling from my neck.

What piece are you most excited to wear from Ke$ha’s jewelry line?

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