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January 17, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Flickr (UK in Germany)

Flickr (UK in Germany)


This week, Town and Country magazine took it upon themselves to declare what the rest of us have known since April 29, 2011 – Prince Harry is the world’s universe’s hottest commodity.

Harry dearest beat out the likes of George Clooney, Connor Kennedy, Tim Tebow, and Jack Nicholson (???) for the coveted title. He was far from the best looking bachelor, not the richest by a long shot, and even got out-royaled, as Prince Philippos rules both Greece and Denmark, so to the strictly analytical mind Harry might seem an inappropriate choice. But that strictly analytical mind would be wrong, and I’ll tell you why…

Or better yet, I’ll let Town and Country explain; since their write-up of Harry is such perfection personified the British Commonwealth should start a petition to have this be the epitaph on his gravestone.

“He’s the wild-card royal, the naughty one, the one who goes out with rah woman, hangs out with a fast crowd, downs too many drinks, and goes home at the wrong moment. That’s why we all like him best.”


It's even cuter because the dog matches his hair. Flickr (erangi2)

It’s even cuter because the dog matches his hair.
Flickr (erangi2)

He’s like Lindsay Lohan, except publically acceptable. He’s like your favorite Disney prince, except with a “50 Shades of Grey” twist. He’s like the man of your dreams, except a ginger… and we love him all the more for it.

Sure Harry’s no Shemar Moore, but considering the gene pool he was working with (no shade to the ever beautiful and classy Diana… it’s her counterpart we’re referencing here), he’s kind of a babe. Even for a ginger. He saves lives. And flashes his royal artillery to the Internet. It’s easier for the collective female population of the world to surrender William to Kate knowing that we’ve still got this bad boy on our side. Just keep Chelsy Davy on another continent and we’re set for another decade or so of debauchery. He should make his way through another 15% of that female population by that time, no?

And when the time comes that Harry finally does take a princess bride, we’ll all be glad for him. Because, let’s take it from Jack Nicholson and this guy, being an 80-year-old bachelor is just sad… and creepy.

So, do you think Prince Harry is fairest of them all? Or is this Harry more your style?

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