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January 18, 2013  | by: Julia Horniacek
(Flickr @ekelly89)

(Flickr @ekelly89)

ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” first aired in June of 2010 and has since received fourteen awards in categories including Choice TV Show and Favorite TV Obsession. Though these awards are most deserved, it would be more fitting for this show to receive an award for being the perfect reference and inspiration for any fashionista, as it represents a group of beautiful women sporting all different styles and body types and, of course, looking fabulous in the process.

To all my petite ladies out there, Aria Montgomery, played by actress Lucy Hale, stands at 5’2” – but don’t let her tiny stance fool you! This bombshell can rock anything she puts together. Aria’s style is the most exotic on the show; she likes to experiment with different patterns and takes “dress to impress” very seriously. On the most recent episode entitled “Mona Mania” we find Aria in a black leather dress topped off with a cropped shrug and red knee-high boots. For those of us who like to experiment with trends and dress a little out of the box, Aria is the girl to keep our eyes on for inspiration.

For those of you who enjoy the thrill of showing off your womanly figure, and tastefully so, you might want to focus your attention on Hanna Marin. Hanna’s character, played by actress Ashley Benson, is always dressed for jaws to drop with her flirty hourglass figure. Though often found in the halls of Rosewood High, Hanna’s outfits are fit for a young Hollywood starlet. Accessorized with big jewelry, you will often find Hanna in belted dresses or frilly tops with a stylish blazer. If you go for glam, pay close attention to Hanna.

The Liars in Rosewood.(Flickr @satin_shirt)

The Liars in Rosewood.
(Flickr @satin_shirt)

Spencer Hastings, portrayed by the lovely Troian Bellisario, has a slender shape and reaches above the average woman’s height at 5’7”. Spencer’s witty and mature persona mirrors her personal style as her ensembles consist of classic pieces. Spencer’s outfits prove to be nothing less than sophisticated, oftentimes taking masculine pieces and pairing them with vintage accessories. Spencer’s style screams that serious can also be glamorous.

Emily Fields has tomboy chic down pat from head to toe. With her athletic swimmer body standing tall and proud at 5’8”, Shay Mitchell’s character has transformed over the seasons from cutesy jock, to sexy sportswoman. To take after Emily, always be on top of the latest trends but don’t be afraid to add your own edge or simplicity.

Up until recent years, society has formed generalizations of what the perfect woman should look like. Curvy, skinny, blonde, brunette, redheaded, long hair, short hair, bangs, no bangs – they have all had their spot light. Our society is now beginning to come to the realization that beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder and that it comes in all shapes, sizes, hairstyles, and clothing lines. Pretty Little Liars collages this idea of personal identity through the fashion of these women, each one with confidence and passing with no judgment. The show brings a little bit of multiple styles to the table and, whether conservative or risky, these women set the mold for confidence in every dress, sweater, skirt, and heel.

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