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March 03, 2012  | by: Aubrian Body

Pregnancies & Proposals

Whether you deny it brutally or embrace it happily, everyone loves a little Jersey Shore. You sneak and watch it on Thursdays or TiVo it later and watch for Pauly quotes. (Don’t lie!) Well aside from the ab-tastic guys on the show, we’ve all fallen in love with one little meatball named Snooki. She’s one half of the party animal duo alongside fellow meatball, Deena. These two give us memorable moments every week, and their drunken dance parties are what reality junkies (like myself) live for. But will the drinking have to stop? Maybe. There are rumors circulating that Snooks is bringing a little guido/guidette into the world!

Not only would this be amazing TV, it would be the perfect episode for the J-WOWW and Snooki spin-off! But is it true? According to TMZ, it is. TMZ said Snooki denied the pregnancy early February because she was scared to jinx her pregnancy… wait what? Snooki is superstitious? According to Forbes.com, she’s allegedly brokered a deal to announce her pregnancy on the cover of US Weekly. I know… hard to believe what’s true or not! I’d be totally excited if she really was preggo, because I’d love to see another side of her. I’m always going to be #teamsnooki, but I’m sorry, I’ll believe this after she starts showing.

Amber Rose's Engagement Ring

In other news, in the midst of a sea of divorce and break-ups, some couples still manage to find the love. Amber Rose announced her engagement to rapper Wiz Khalifa via Twitter yesterday and Instagramed a photo of the ring. In the caption, it said, “He has made me the happiest woman in the world!” HOW CUTE! I’ve always been a fan of this couple; they’re quirky and weird but perfect for each other. And not to mention Amber Rose is a hottie, and Wiz Khalifa is dominating in the music industry. Move over Bey and Jay, there’s a new power couple in town!

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