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January 11, 2010  | by: Fatima S.


From Queen Elizabeth to Elizabeth Taylor, there is something that makes a woman so uniquely feminine when she wraps a set of pearls around her neck. But did you ever stop and wonder where those set of rare gems come from? Living organisms!

Believe it or not, before these pearls go on display at Tiffany’s and Chanel boutiques, they are found in pearl oysters.

Let’s just say the bigger the pearl, the better. In ancient times, pearls were worn to represent wealth and power. Today, pearls still spark a fascination to the human eye but have become a woman’s best accessory. A simple blouse can go from dull to elegant in seconds when a set of pearls are added. But if anyone knows how to wear a set of pearls, it’s Rihanna. The singer showed up at the London premiere of Inglorious Bastards in layers of pearls.  From head to toe in all black, her Alexander McQueen jumpsuit was one thing, but her pearls were everything! Let’s not forget about that bold red lipstick and those black lace gloves.  Rihanna showed the red carpet what the conservative look looks like with a bit of edge. For as little as $9, you can purchase your own layered pearls at Forever 21 and Target.  

Known to vary in size, style and length, Peals are known to come in almost 200 types of color tones. The rope pearl necklace was Co Co Chanel’s favorite. This type of necklace could be doubled repeatedly because it ranged from 70 to 120 cm long.

Elizabeth Taylor once said “you can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.” This is why her book “My Love Affair with Jewelry” illustrates why her collection of jewelry are like trophies; and yes pearls are among the many that she adores.  

Aside from diamonds, I guess it’s safe to say that pearls are woman’s new best friend.

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