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February 22, 2013  | by: Joanne Wu



There’s a lot about the 90s that we would absolutely love to bring back- combat boots, flannels, Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, cartoons, etc.  But what about overalls? Don’t lie, we all had ‘em back in the day, and might’ve even rocked it too! But would you be seen sportin’ them around today?

I could def remember rocking my overalls back then! Personally, I think they had a certain cozy charm to them, if you wear it the right way. Just like how flannels came back with a country-esque charm, I think overalls can def last. But it’ll be harder to wear it “correctly.” Let’s see what some of these stylish celebs think about this comeback of a lifetime:

Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith: “I still wear overalls. I wear G-Star overalls, real slouchy and loose with the crotch down to my knees. [Laughs] I do it ’90s style. And my daughter Willow collects overalls at the flea markets. She likes getting vintage overalls, that’s her new thing now.” Looks like the ex-Fresh Prince star is rubbing off on his own family! Never thought the Fresh Prince of Bel Air would be giving out fashion advice, did you?

Miley Cyrus says she likes to wear her overalls “the uglier the better. [It's] more interesting.” And Vanessa Hudgens wears it “with nothing else, or with anything.” Model Selita Ebanks loves to style her leather overall jumpsuit with a pair of simple pumps. 90210‘s Shenae Grimes suggests wearing overalls with “a crop top and cute little booties for some height because wearing overalls will shorten you.” For those of a petite stature. 

Seems like they’re all jumping on the bandwagon! But we’ve seen some of these celebs on the ‘worst dressed’ lists before, haven’t we? To be sure, let’s see what the real fashion experts think about this trend:

Nina Garcia, the creative director at Marie Claire, is totally on board “with those Phillip Lim overalls from spring, and it’s all about the styling.” She recommends pairing it with a nice “leather jacket or [any] jacket over it. It depends on your age, but I think a nice masculine jacket would do the trick.” However, Betsy Johnson is telling us the opposite, to not style them. She feels that they’re a “very real piece of clothing,” so she suggests wearing “nothing underneath, [or] a tube top underneath, a blouse underneath.”

Hm, isn’t that interesting? They all seem so excited about overalls coming back into fashion! Would I wear it, now that I know I’ve got the support of these lovely women? Despite of it’s cozy charm, I feel like it’ll still make me feel frumpy. Seeing models like Alexa Chung and Heidi Klum in overalls, it hides their slimming figure. Even though designers, like Rachel Roy and Rebecca Minkoff, are creating a more slimming sexier overalls look, it’s just not the same! When people think ‘overalls,’ they automatically think casual, loose, or comfort. Making it fitted just defeats that purpose. Do they make overalls pjs? Maybe I’ll support that! Haha I’m joking, but seriously! Do they?

What do you think? Would you be reviving your overalls this spring?

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