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April 02, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Flickr (Jessica Quirk)



In the televised world, featuring the young and their adventures has been sort of a thing, ahem ”The Real World,” “Jersey Shore,” and “Girls.” Yet the role of the fashion blogger and their photographer has yet to be portrayed until now. Lookbook.nu a popular show and tell website of individual style has debuted its own web series.

Many flock to the site to see how many Hypes each look they post can get and watch others climb to the top of the fashion sphere while entering brand sponsored contests. This series aims to showcase these acts among the other politics that goes into putting up a picture on the Internet.

What of the photographer? How do you get the pose just right? Who does the styling?

Are some of the questions to be considered plus the forum gossip.

But of course this is not a documentary, it is a series and within a series involves some drama. The protagonist of the first episode is Hannah who approached by photographer Mark begins what I predict is a lookbook romance.

After a few sequences we meet mean girl Cleo who attempts to win ex boyfriend Mark through fabulous  outfits and xoxo texts.

Then there’s the cheating and salacious blogging moments “You got pictures? My blog needed new material can’t risk it getting stale.” A dialogue between Cleo and her male partner in crime.

A lot of different angles to consider, the pilot proves to be an entertaining distraction only lasting 10 minutes, which is enough time to have a quick snack between life’s duties.

You can check out full episode here and episode 2 will be out on April 8.

Will this be your latest web crave?

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