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June 26, 2012  | by: Abby Oladipo

The Kardashian Klan                                                        The Kardashian Klan

Picking up where she left off, Oprah was back on Sunday night giving the world a better glimpse of the Kardashian family and an insight into their inner workings, which includes non Kardashian members as well. Before delving into the rest of the interview with Kim, and revealing the answer to the question about Kanye West, Oprah gave a recap of the first portion of the interview and you can find a recap of that here. The talk show queen managed to keep us waiting for awhile before she was back grilling Kim.

Remember Oprah’s question to Kim: “Is Kanye West your new fairy tale?”, well Kim managed to skid around the question. “I don’t know why it took us so long to get together,” Kim replied, “I think we’ve always had an attraction to each other…one day it just happened. It took me by surprise.” Kim went on to detail their connection with each other. They both can relate to losing a parent, they’ve been friends for so long and it’s comforting to her to know that he knows so much about her.


Kim and Oprah pose for a pictureThat’s fine and dandy but Oprah get’s to the heart of the matter and what fans and naysayers have been wondering all long—is their relationship a publicity stunt? Kim will have you know that’s not remotely true. “It’s your heart you’re playing with. I couldn’t sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt.” Kim also busts some rumors in the process. No, she’s not moving in with ‘Ye. Yes, she did buy him a Lamborghini for his birthday, and no she isn’t concerned with Kanye’s “bad boy” image. She also isn’t thinking about marriage right now, so all you KimYe wedding hopefuls might have to wait awhile for that one.



Before Oprah wraps up her time with Kim, Kim explains more about how she’s grown in the past year. She longer looks at her brand as being about her, but about her fan. It was nice to hear and Oprah seemed to think so too because she called Kim’s answer perfect.


The interview moves on to Khloe and Lamar Odom and the subject of the engagement. Khloe admits that getting engaged after a month of dating was bizarre, but at the time she couldn’t have been convinced otherwise. Lamar confesses that he was surprised at the amount of love from the family, which Oprah agrees can get lost in a family involved in a reality show. Khloe also fesses up about putting pressure on herself to be a good wife. Viewers also learned that the despite tabloid reports, Khloe is not pregnant but “Yes, we’re always trying,” Khloe said.


The topic then took a somber turn as Oprah asks about Lamar’s career. Was the reality show what led to Odom’s lackluster career in the past year and the couple denies it. While they are currently taking a hiatus from their reality show Khloe & Lamar, the show had no effect on Odom’s basketball career. Khloe acknowledges that the show and their popularity will not last forever so they need to enjoy it when they can and she can give it up if she has to.


Next, Winfrey sat with Kourtney and her boyfriend, Scott Disick. Oprah wastes no time grilling Scott and labels him as the “black sheep” of the family, which Disick accepts. “Yeah. …I am insecure about a lot of things,” Scott said and explains that his rude behavior is a product of his insecurities.  When Oprah asks what the hardest thing for him to watch was, Disick says “I would probably just say maybe Kourtney crying, one, two, maybe a million times.” So why do it? Disick admits that being an only child and the miracle child for his parents, who struggled with having children, he was spoiled.


Why did Kourtney stay with him? “I was wanting to see what he would be like once we had a child,” Kourtney says and things are getting better for the couple who has enrolled in couple’s therapy. Before parting with Oprah, Kourtney reveals that her dream for her kids is to be happy- reminding everyone that the Kardashians are in fact somewhat normal.

Oprah barely spent time with the youngest daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, before moving on to Mr and Mrs. Jenner. The young models said they don’t really remember life before the camera and in between giving a tour of their closet and contents, they agree that they are fortunate to live the way they do.

Finally, the interview makes a complete stop to Bruce and Kris Jenner in the Jenner’s backyard cabana. Bruce says he is used to being “in the shadow of estrogen” and he gets away from it by golfing. If anyone feels bad for Jenner, don’t. Bruce seems content taking a back seat in the Kardashian empire. After years of training and making sports a big part of his life, (remember Bruce is an Olympic gold medalist!) he’s happy to get to watch his kids grow up and follow their dreams. To Bruce, the kids are his gold medals of life and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

There must have been one thing he wishes he could take back though, and of course there is. “The whole (Kim and Kris) wedding thing,” Bruce said. “We went so overboard on that and, the way it turned out and everything.”


“I mean at the time it was honest, it was love, it was exact, I mean, I was all in, you know? But then it turned so quickly,” Bruce said.


Oprah poses the last question to momager herself. ” Are you prepared for the day the cameras might go away?” Oprah asks without missing a beat. “I think I am,” Kris says “I think we’re having a lot of fun, but I’m acutely aware that one day it will be over.”


And when it’s over, the world will undeniably notice.


Do you think the interview expressed the Kardashian’s true feelings?



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