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March 19, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran

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Spring break is one of the most anticipated holidays around for high school and college students. After long weeks of winter dreariness and studious studying; spring break is the first sign of warmer weather and the chance in the middle of a long, hard, school semester to take a break from everything and to just relax. Some of you may take this chance to jet off to some exotic vacation that includes warm weather and gorgeous beaches.

For those of us, however, that will not be vacationing in the heat, and will instead be staying home, hanging out in the cold, walking under the snow filled skies; spring break may not be all that it is built up to be. That is why the new movie, Spring Breakers, directed by Harmony Korine, and starring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco, is going to be so popular.

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The film is about four college girls who rob a restaurant in order to gain money to go on vacation for spring break. The girls are caught, jailed and than bailed out by an arms dealer who persuades them to engage in some dirty work for him. The film has everything those of us at home want it to have: gorgeous people, action, romance, and of course stylish clothes.

Now, these clothes will be available to those who which to live the Spring Breakers Dream. Opening Ceremony has collaborated with the film to provide a new line full of cropped shirts, patterned bikinis, unisex sweatshirts and more! What is interesting about this line is that the clothes are not just inspired by the new film, but will be partly designed by the films costume designer, Heidi Bivens.

I think this partnership in design will lead to the creation of some pieces that the stars in the film themselves would be expected to wear. The line will be full of clothes that are designed just as much for the film as they are for the shopper. It will also be full of fun graphics such as ice cream cones and unicorns as well as bright colors that will make us feel as if we are in the midst of an awesome spring vacation, even if we are just chilling at home. The collection will be available on the films opening day: March 22nd 

What are you excited to purchase from this new Opening Ceremony collaboration?

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