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August 15, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

Olivia Palermo

Menswear is everywhere in women’s fashion! Instead of wearing fitted jeans, it now isn’t frowned upon to wear a more loose fit. In business casual, instead of opting for the safe pencil skirt suit, one may chose to have fun with a slim fitting, tailored pants suit, even accessorizing it with a tie. This look has deemed itself worthy to be a fashion look, no longer a mindless trend that we’re waiting to pass by. Socialite Olivia Palermo has been a huge advocate for this look, wearing many varieties of menswear and making it chic, sexy, and sophisticated.

Palermo is often photographed at events in this look instead of the feminine skirts, dresses and girly fashion we can get overwhelmed with on the red carpet. She doesn’t overdo menswear either.  It’s not all about wearing loose clothing and looking slouchy. Palermo often makes it work in tailored, above-the-ankle cropped slacks with a button down collared shirt and a boyfriend blazer. She also looks very relaxed in a pair of loose, wide-legged trousers and a silk, bow-tied, loose blouse. This look may not scream menswear, but it does have menswear inspirations included in the ensemble.


Another way Palermo makes the look work for her is the slouchy, comfortable look in her business wear. She may choose to wear slouchy high waisted slacks with a half-tucked shirt and a blazer. This looks messy, yet it works, and for some reason it still looks well put together. Even while Palermo may wear clothing that resembles pieces from a man’s closet, she still instills feminine pieces to make the look balanced. She will wear a colorful statement necklace to set off the masculinity of the outfit. Or her heels will be all the woman she needs to show people there is a lady in that outfit. There is nothing wrong with showing the boyish side every woman has hidden inside her.  Palermo just does a commendable job of releasing that side of her while still looking fashionable and flawless.

There is a certain esteem of class that is demanded when trying to pull off this look, and Palermo is the perfect example of how to do that. One can have fun with boyfriend jeans and a loose t-shirt, but the clothes do need to have the right cuts and slimming points to show there is a woman’s body underneath it all. This look is comfortable, fashionable, sexy, and demanding; all the things we love in an outfit. Palermo is the guide needed for how to make this look work for the office and for casual nights out with friends, making the look transition from work to night. Do as Palermo does and look like a lady in menswear fashion.

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