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March 14, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

Members of Odd Future

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, also known as OFWGKTA or Odd Future is a collective group of mostly rappers from Los Angeles, with the exception of their new inductee, New Orleans’ Frank Ocean.  Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Left Brain, Mike G, Syd Bennett, Taco Bennett, Jasper Dolphin, and The Super 3 are other members of Odd Future that make music, or from the looks of it serve as extras in each others’ videos. The group has been getting a lot of cyber attention from their releases of solo projects, available all for free on the Internet. Public favorites seem to be Tyler the Creator and his little brother Earl Sweatshirt.

The word “little” couldn’t be more appropriate considering the fact the rapper Earl is only 16. One of the most outrageous members, Earl has a YouTube video titled Earl that shows himself and other members of Odd Future consuming a blended concoction of hardcore drugs and alcohol that has images of the guys bleeding from almost every visible opening on their body, falling out, and having seizures.

Recent news shows that clearly Earl was not completely about that lifestyle because although he has ill lyrics, his mom sent him to boot camp after she heard his music.

Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator

Amongst the other members of OFWGKTA Tyler the Creator reigns as the ringleader, or as he calls himself “the head drug-dealer,” of the clan. With his robotically deep voice and rapid eye-rolling to the back of his head while delivering his bars, he looks disturbing.

The rest of Odd Future haven’t quite found their individual identities, with the exception of Frank Ocean, so they just get associated with the overall chaos.

People are calling OFWGKTA the next Wu-Tang Clan, but I beg to differ. They just seem to be a band of teens and young dudes who revolve all their music and their lifestyle around some skaterboy marijuana-smoking, pill-popping image, and it’s overdone. True talent and personas get so confused these days. The videos they put out are alarming, one for their subject matter but also because the guys are so young.

Granted they’ve got tight lyrics, I’m just not feeling this whole rockstar trip that they are on, nor am I fan of their glorification of drugs, which lacks explanation or substance. Some listeners deem the clique demonic, I don’t know if I would say all of that. However, they are definitely dudes with issues, exclaiming their “I don’t give a f***” attitudes through their every move. Honestly, I cannot say that I’m a fan.

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