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August 04, 2012  | by: Abby Oladipo

No Union for Apple and Twitter

Depending on what reports you’ve been reading, you may have heard about this Apple and Twitter deal that was speculated to occur. The deal would have Apple investing millions of dollars in Twitter and would hold a stake in the company. This looked like a strategic move on Apple’s part as the tech firm hasn’t really dabbled in the social media department even though it has integrated Twitter into its hardware devices.

Apple is also one of the few tech companies without a twitter account, and the union between the two companies could be an amazing thing. Now, reports are surfacing that Apple and Twitter will not be joining hands, destroying the dreams of many “Twapple” hopefuls.

According to Reuters, Apple and Twitter are “not in discussions on the mobile technology giant taking a stake in the popular social networking site” and “there are no current, formal talks between the companies on an investment or acquisition”. However, it isn’t exactly clear if the companies had been in talks concerning the issue in the past. Sources for Bloomberg say that the companies had discussions on the topic more than a year ago which ended without an investment, but both Apple and Twitter declined to comment so the reports have yet to be confirmed.

If the deal had been finalized, Twitter’s value could have increased from $8.4 billion to $10 billion. Although the deal looks far off, Twapple fans can find solace in Apple’s twitter addition in its notebooks, phones, and tablets. The new Mac OS, Mountain Lion offers direct Twitter support so maybe a Twapple union isn’t so far fetched after all.

What do you think of Twapple?

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