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January 12, 2013  | by: Jennifer Chien

Flickr (Gage Skidmore)


If there’s anything “Vampire Diaries” fans love more than Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder’s on-screen romance, it’s their off-screen romance. These two sexy lovers have one too many issues to work out on screen, but there’s no doubt things are definitely sizzling off screen, now more than ever. A little birdy (aka Perez Hilton) recently caught something sparkly, specifically on her left ring finger, and this can only mean one thing… right?

I say yes. Google Nina Dobrev all you want, but she has never been spotted with a gold ring on that particular finger, let alone any ring on any finger, on-screen or off-screen. Yes, the “Vampire Diaries” actress may have shed some light comments about her not wanting to be married anytime soon in response to Miley and Liam’s engagement. But please, that was back in the summer!

A lot has happened since then; they finally had some sexy moments as Elena and Damon, and recently spent the holidays and celebrated New Years’ together in Asia. Yesterday was Nina’s 24th birthday, so what better gift than a Somerhalder proposal? Engaged or not, Dobrev is certainly one lucky gal.

Detective Perez believes he spies a one-of-a-kind smile on Dobrev, one that can only be triggered by a proposal. What do you think?

Perez Hilton


The smile doesn’t do much for me, but I definitely sense a rare glow from her, which can either be the result of flash photography or the proposal, and I’d like to think the latter. Unfortunately, these two lovebirds are a little too private about their love life for my liking, but I can’t help but to hope!

They chose to go to different events the other night, Dobrev at a Dior event and Somerhalder at the People’s Choice Awards; is this perhaps their sneaky scheme to throw everyone off? Only time will tell. I can’t wait to see these two in action again in the mid-season premiere of “Vampire Diaries”.

If they really haven’t sealed the deal with a diamond yet, I’d be a tad disappointed but not too shocked because nothing has been confirmed yet. But until then, Nina Somerhalder has a nice ring to it, no?

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