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July 06, 2012  | by: Jasmine Roscoe
Nia Long on the August 2012 issue of ESSENCE

Nia Long on the August 2012 issue of ESSENCE

Veteran actress Nia Long and her beautiful family are featured on the August 2012 of ESSENCE Magazine. The feature article titled “Nia Long: Single, Satisfied & Raising Her Boys” created a debate in the blogosphere when they announced she would be a cover girl earlier this year. The 41-year old mother of two has never been married. While she is happy with her life choices, others are not.

Commentators have bashed both the actress and magazine for “glorifying bad choices.” While some feel that having children out-of-wedlock is a bad enough, others are more passionate about this issue taken into account Nia is raising two sons without an official “father figure.” Commentators have called her family dysfunctional, labeled her as a gold digger and even personally blame her for the fall of family values. This isn’t the first time the single mother has endured the wrath of opinionated commentators. During Nia Long’s pregnancy she appeared nude and radiant on the cover of Ebony Magazine and revealed that she asked God for her 7-month old son Kez Sunday with basketball player Ime Udoka.

Nia Long and son KezIn an excerpt from the upcoming magazine issue the actress says that “I’m in my forties, post baby and I’m thinner than I’ve been in years. The last step will be letting my hair go natural. That’s when you’ll know I’m free…” Nia Long does seem truly free. Free from the negativity, free from criticism and free as a grown woman and loving mother of two.

Don’t assume the mother is waiting to get married either. In March, the mother told that “Marriage is not a priority.” And more importantly revealed that her sons Kez and Massai Jr. are “fantastic.”  She also dispelled engagement rumors on her twitter by stating all 5 of her diamond rings stand for love: herself, each son, Jesus Christ and to love itself…not marriage.

After all, is it really right for others to comment on the choices Nia Long has made in her life? If being happy and free is the ultimate goal does the path really matter?

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