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November 09, 2011  | by: Ama Kwarteng

Twilight Perfume

The newest Twilight movie Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premiers later on this month, and fans who are utterly obsessed with the franchise are getting ready for the premier by stocking up on merchandise. A new product available for fans is Twilight perfume.

The fragrance, which is called Immortal Twilight, is a new scent that is supposed to emulate the way Bella smells to Edward. The perfume, which comes in a tinted-purple glass with an etched feather design combines the smells of cool citrus and wild chamomile, white freesia and peony, musk, cool amber, and patchouli all into one bottle.

When talking about the perfume in a press statement, the Twilight Beauty Brand manager Jaega Haralambus said:

“Immortal is defined as everlasting–never to be forgotten, from the eternal life of a vampire to the eternal love between soulmates, Immortal Twilight is the personification of undying romance. Like its namesake, this scent will live on in the memory of everyone who wears or smells it. The delicate balance between its three notes yields a truly alluring, wearable scent.”

The perfume is being sold for $35 alone, but if you buy the perfume along with the shower cream, it’ll cost $21.99.

This product is a smart way to make money; fans will certainly buy this product and continue to help the Twilight Brand grow larger and larger.

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