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February 21, 2013  | by: Kaitlyn Vella
Flickr (Genevieve719)

Flickr (Genevieve719)


I always suffer from a weird feeling when my favorite television shows are in-between seasons. On the one hand, I’m happy that I can get rared up for a new season. On the other hand, though, the wait feels like forever.

Teen Wolf fans definitely know what this feeling is like. The fans of this supernatural show are getting more and more rowdy in anticipation for the third season. This week, MTV announced that the show will be returning to the network on June 3 of this year. Although that may seem like ages away from now, it doesn’t change the excitement that the fans are feeling.

With an official release date, fans can officially start a countdown until the season three premiere. Plus, it gives all of us something to look forward to. The release date announcement was the only thing fans got, though. We were also given a variety of behind the scenes videos featuring old and new cast members. A fan favorite is the adorable video of Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien (stars of the show) playing a fun game of rock, paper, scissor.

Flickr (Genevieve719)

Flickr (Genevieve719)


It’s safe to say that I cannot wait for this show to return. I’ve been quite a fan of Teen Wolf ever since it premired back in 2011. Quite frankly, I’m really happy that it has been getting the recognition and support that it deserves.

This show is unlike most supernatural shows. Often at times, I feel that those types of shows come off as being extremely fake because let’s face it — these creatures don’t exist in the real world. Teen Wolf, though, feels real. From the characters to the scenarios to the emotions, everything feels real. I can’t even deny the fact that the characters on the show have made me cry more times than I can count. Not only is that due to the fact that writer Jeff Davis is a literary genius, but also because the actors portraying his characters are just that talented.

I’m happy to see that others are actually giving the show a chance and not just writing it off because it’s a show about werewolves on MTV. Trust me when I say that it’s so much more than that.

The great thing about the third season of this show is not only that we get to see our favorite Beacon Hills teen back in action, but also that there will be 24 episodes as opposed to the usual 12. What more could we ask for?!

I know I’m not along in saying that I definitely wouldn’t mind if these next few months flew by. I seriously cannot wait for this show to return!

Is anyone else excited about the third season? Let us know!

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