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October 05, 2011  | by: Adrienne Wenner

Soundgarden During the Grunge Era

When Soundgarden announced they were reuniting to tour, fans were ecstatic.  But no one really knew what to expect out of it.  Was this just a one-time thing?  Chris Cornell, the lead singer, already has a successful solo career.  Drummer Matt Cameron is a Pearl Jam band member, and they’re always working.

“I feel like Soundgarden can continue, and probably always should’ve had the attitude of being a formed, functioning band that just needed a break,” Cornell told Rolling Stone on Monday.

Cornell continues on to say that Soundgarden has an almost completed album on hand and should be prepared to release it this upcoming spring.  To Cornell, it’s like Soundgarden never broke up.  It was more like a vacation or break from the band.

Soundgarden never was one of those bands, like the Police, who hated each other and couldn’t get along.  “It was always possible we could get back together,” said Cornell.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden

Soundgarden wanted to focus on writing new music and not on the past.  However, the album isn’t straying totally from what they are used to. Instead, it’s the next step in their career, as if Soundgarden was never gone.

Meanwhile, Cornell has been doing some of his own work on the side.  He admitted he uses YouTube to learn how to play different cover songs.  He’s been focusing on acoustic songs because of the natural essence of an acoustic guitar, and the way it forces you to play better since it’s easier to hear mess ups.

“It sort of creates a comfort that’s normally not there.  You’re completely open to anything and everything that happens,”  he said.

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