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March 28, 2012  | by: Emily Longeretta

Nanette Lepore's neon designs for Spring 2012.

With spring teasing its way in, the winter jackets have been put away and the dresses and rompers are coming out. So, what colors are must-haves this spring? Well, anything bright. Neons are back from the 80′s but with much more class…we hope.

Adding a pop of color to a subtle outfit, whether it is on the runway, on the red carpet, or out getting coffee, adds a sense of personality and fashion sense to the outfit. Even Joan Rivers of E!’s Fashion Police noticed the colorful pop! But there are ways to rock it, and ways to, well ruin it.

Less is more. Neon makes a statement on its own. Therefore, adding neon on neon on neon is way too much. Stay more nuetral, letting the neon pop on its own. Trust me, neon will pop on its own.

Example: Sarah Jessica Parker.

We love you, C. Bradshaw, so we’re glad you got it together. Please don’t let us see another picture of you like the one on the left.

On the left, SJP pairs neons with neons. On the right, she gets it right.

Use accessories to make it pop. You know what we’re talking about. Pairing a simple outfit, like Khloe Kardashian will a neon yellow bag, is the perfect combination. It’s not saying “look at me,” but it’s not making you camouflage to the backdrop, either.

However, a neon dress (if you can call it that) paired with neon shoes is not such a good look. C’mon Kim, we know you can do better.

Kim v. Khloe

Dare to wear neon jeans. When it comes to neon pants, it’s all the rage. From actress Jessica Alba, reality star Kim Kardashian, to published author and business woman Lauren Berger, the neon jean trend is not going anywhere any time soon. Take a hint from these three fashionistas and pair with a very neutral color, like black.

A great spring trend is neon jeans

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