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July 09, 2012  | by: Anissa Pierre

Nate Perkins in a plaid button down shirt and Ray Ban sunglasses

When asked three words to describe his style, Boston native Nate Perkins chooses the words simple, classic, and minimalistic. A Communications major at Gordon College in Massachusetts, Nate has set his eyes on being a journalist. One of his career goals are to work at men’s magazine GQ, for which he has faithfully subscribed to for the past few years.  In high school he was known for wearing blazers, loafers, and his signature bow ties to create his polished look; as winner of the Best Dressed superlative in high school, its safe to say that Nate knows a things or two about fashion.

What influences your style the most?

I find that my style is influenced most by the things/people that I observe on the streets or the things that I come across on the web. I pretty much have a uniform but I like to thing of this uniform as a template to which I can add and create different outfits based off the things that I see around me.

What’s a staple item in your wardrobe?

Button down shirts!!! I love them. Can’t get enough of them. I will go to a store, like Savers or Urban Outfitters, and only look for them. They can either be long or short sleeve, doesn’t matter as long as the fit is good. To me fashion is all about fit! I also like the print/fabric is cool but slightly understated. I like it when my outfits are ones that cause people to double take and say,“hey wait I actually like that.” I don’t like it when things are too loud.

A joyful Nate in a tan blazer, white button down shirt, and blue bow tie for Dress To Impress day during Senior Week in high school

I don’t know if this is so much of a trend but I like it when I see someone wearing something that looks like they didn’t even try but looks totally polished and put together. To answer the question more specifically, a trend for girls that I really love are maxi skirts. If I were a girl I would wear them all the time. Whenever I see a girl wearing one, I get really excited and I want to talk to her but I never do. For guys I like the trend of going sans socks. I never wear them. I think it looks cooler when you roll up your pant legs a little so that some ankle is showing. I think it makes a guy look more chill and it shows off the shoe (which is good if especially if the shoe is freaking rad…do people still say rad?)

Who is your guy crush (style wise)?

Ryan Gosling! I’m completely not embarrassed to say this. His style is exactly what I’m striving for. It’s classic, simple, understated, and sexy. His costumes for Crazy, Stupid, Love made me want to burn all of my clothes and buy a bunch of nicely fitting suits.

Favorite places to shop?

This is going to sound so hipster of me, but I don’t care. I love shopping at thrift stores and other stores that people (well teenagers these days) wouldn’t normally thing of shopping in like Sears, yes Sears, and Macy’s. If you really look you can find some great things in these places. I also shop at Urban Outfitters (which increased since I started working there) and American Apparel.

Any style advice for either guys or girls?

Yes! Guys: put some more effort into it. Fashion is not just for the ladies. There’s nothing better than a guy who knows how to dress without overdoing it. Ladies: take more fashion risks! Dress for FASHION. There are so many opportunities out there for ladies to be daring but all I see are girls (and women) wearing the same old t-shirt and jeans. Are you kidding me? The fashion industry pretty much caters to the females, coming up with different silhouettes and designs everyday it seems like, but girls mostly go for what’s safe. My advice? Don’t be safe.

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